"I met someone born under sign of aries. How is your character? How does he behave?" What characteristics, strengths and weaknesses have a boy or a girl born under the sign of aries? How is the sign of aries in love? "I have met and known a boy / girl aries and I'm loving him / her. What is your character? It might go well with me?". Which are characteristics, merits and defects, strengths and weaknesses, basic features of a man and woman born under aries zodiac sign? How does working on the native aries and what hidden qualities do he have? Each sun sign has different positive and negative qualities that it is better to know in advance to avoid creating wrong relationships.

Of course it is very important to analyze also characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the ascendant sign of a person we want to know. You will see that making a summary of what was read for the sun sign and ascendant, you will be able to guess a lot of the character of a person even without knowing it. Finding your ascendant is not so difficult. Go in this page and follow what is written.

Aries basic features: What is the sign of aries? First fire sign of the zodiac and the Cardinal is the one that most represents the concept of power. Always work with a lot of ideas that often put into practice without a second thought and up. Bursting in the affections and passionate in the way of love, faithful but also sweet always needs to be involved in new initiatives because he hates the monotony and consequently a partner monotonous. Sometimes it can be very stubborn and acting too impulsively and often want to be right even when he does not have it. Ideal jobs where you need to make immediate decisions, where there is need of energy. The classic work monotonous and routine are not for him. Robe usually with colorful clothes often and love the aromas. Also knows how to work in partnership with others. Courage, fearlessness, pulse its keywords. Its planet ruler is Mars, which represents strength, determination but also aggression, and anger.

Aries merits: sweet, affectionate, loyal, strong-willed spirit of initiative.

Aries defects: stubborn, a little idealistic, irritable, always convinced of his ideas, restless, inattentive to his body.

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