"I met someone born under sign of leo. How is your character? How does he behave?" What characteristics, strengths and weaknesses have a boy or a girl born under the sign of leo? How is the sign of leo in love? "I have met and known a boy / girl leo and I'm loving him / her. What is your character? It might go well with me?". Which are characteristics, merits and defects, strengths and weaknesses, basic features of a man and woman born under leo zodiac sign? How does working on the native leo and what hidden qualities do he have? Each sun sign has different positive and negative qualities that it is better to know in advance to avoid creating wrong relationships.

Of course it is very important to analyze also characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the ascendant sign of a person we want to know. You will see that making a summary of what was read for the sun sign and ascendant, you will be able to guess a lot of the character of a person even without knowing it. Finding your ascendant is not so difficult. Go in this page and follow what is written.

Leo basic features: what is the sign of the leo? Tied element of fire is the second sign of the zodiac fixed with real capacity to dominate others and situations. He can do the leading, picking up initiatives in which you have to feel the center of attention and especially the leader. aspires to command and wants to be first in everything but also has a strong sense of compassion , protection, especially to the members of his family. Very generous so if necessary you able to give and give themselves to those who love deeply. This is clearly in love, where he is the ruler unless you have a partner of the same sign or ascendant leo. Stable affections and very real person in work and in love, but may be too proud of himself, of his undoubted quality that can often put too much on display. Then sin of self-centeredness, narcissism that must learn to control . Very compassionate ruler with your partner and also in intimate moments. Good for him to work where there is need to excel, to take the initiative and to control a group. Can owning a business, being an entrepreneur and it is better that it is not under its strict control of anyone. Its planet guide is the Sun.

Leo merits: strong character, he wants to excel, sense of duty, he wants to be the leader, independent, dynamic, intimate passion.

Leo defects: excessive displays his power too, wants to rule over all, stubborn, not good dosa his forces, uncooperative.

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