"I met someone born under sign of gemini. How is your character? How does he behave?" What characteristics, strengths and weaknesses have a boy or a girl born under the sign of gemini? How is the sign of gemini in love? "I have met and known a boy / girl gemini and I'm loving him / her. What is your character? It might go well with me?". Which are characteristics, merits and defects, strengths and weaknesses, basic features of a man and woman born under gemini zodiac sign? How does working on the native gemini and what hidden qualities do he have? Each sun sign has different positive and negative qualities that it is better to know in advance to avoid creating wrong relationships.

Of course it is very important to analyze also characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the ascendant sign of a person we want to know. You will see that making a summary of what was read for the sun sign and ascendant, you will be able to guess a lot of the character of a person even without knowing it. Finding your ascendant is not so difficult. Go in this page and follow what is written.

Gemini basic features: what is the sign of the gemini? First mutable air sign and is represented with a symbol of two children equal but opposite to each other. Sign doubling, know how to take different sides based on who is in front but very adaptable to many different situations. With a strong intelligence and mental curiosity, is also very lively and hates monotony. She loves him always involve partners in several initiatives, social evenings, outings and has a strong sense of friendship. Would do anything for his friends. Very changeable in character, however, could move from one job to another if its superficiality in things is not restricted, blocked. Very loyal partner and little passionate to him who sees almost more like a friend. Its adaptability to many jobs is high and his ability to charm people with the remarkable words. In fact its planet ruler is Mercury and works best for him would be precisely related to communication.

Gemini merits: communicative, strong sense of friendship, helpful, optimistic, heightened sense of duty, dynamic.

Gemini defects: little passionate, superficial, careless, messy, little care your body, naive, easy to lie.

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