What is the significance of the four mutable signs in the horoscope? In the zodiac movable signs are the 4 signs in which the Sun is at the end of each season. What are the basic qualities, the features, the merits and defects of 4 mutable zodiac signs? The gemini, virgo, sagittarius, pisces are fixed, cardinal or movable signs? How many mobile zodiac signs? What are the 4 mobile zodiac signs? "I want to know if my zodiac sign is a fixed, cardinal or movable sign. How do I know this? Who helps me understand if my sign gemini is a mobile sign or not? How do I know if the zodiac sign sagittarius is a mutable sign or not? I'm sign of Sagittarius and therefore I'm a mutable sign of the zodiac. If my zodiac sign is pisces then have I a mutable sign? What are my strengths and weaknesses then and what basic features does my sign of the western zodiac?" Which attribute, character, connotation, characteristics, features, properties, quality, and such requirements have the 4 mobile zodiac signs? The four mutable signs are gemini, virgo, sagittarius, pisces and they have the quality of being adaptable people, flexible and versatile with a good ability to manage the changes that they love in particular. They can find more than one solution to a problem but must learn at pre-establishing a purpose in their lives or the future can become very difficult to imagine the past and can then become a help for their salvation.



Gemini - basic features: how is the sign of gemini? The first air sign and changing is represented with a symbol of two equal boys but opposite to each other. Sign of splitting, knows take different faces depending on who is in front but very adaptable to many different situations. It equipped with a strong intellect and mental curiosity, It is also very lively and hates the monotony. Partner loves that involve always in different initiatives, social evenings, outputs and has a strong sense of friendship. For friends would do anything. however very changeable in character may move from one job to another if its superficiality in things is not confined, locked. Not very loyal to the partner and not very passionate to him who sees almost more like a friend. Its adaptability to many jobs is high and his ability to charm people with great words. In fact, his planet mercury and is ruler of the best jobs for him would be precisely related to communication.

Gemini - strengths: communicative, strong sense of friendship, helpful, optimistic, heightened sense of duty, dynamic.

Gemini - weaknesses: little passionate, superficial, careless, messy, care little about their own bodies, naive, easy to lies.

Virgo - basic features: how is the virgo sign? Earth and mutable sign, Mercury is the planet that guide and shows a remarkable intelligence and a remarkable ability to administer their assets and those of his family. Typically is a saver and buy only useful things in his life. Unwilling to worldly life but knows being with friends. Mercury gives him a good deal of communicative and this can fascinate people. Especially in love, because of its appearance, it can conquer many partners but once sceltone one knows to be faithful even if it proves to be not just a passionate transport layer volcano. It enjoys generally good health with some problems to the bones. Large and methodical worker, very attentive to detail, details known to be realistic, concrete although it may prove too insecure in various life situations. To be selected as a business partner or employee because he can assign any task and then give him a lot of confidence.

Virgo - strengths: methodical, precise, clean, tidy, love the family, sense of duty, Currency well his possessions, able to save.

Virgo - weaknesses: picky, stingy, reluctant to spend, just passionate, too neat, slightly neglected in the care of the body, lack of trust in others.

Sagittarius - basic features: how is the sign of sagittarius? Very commendable her desire to travel, even with the mind if he can not do it with the body. mutable and guided sign planet Jupiter tends, with the passage of time, to gain weight, even by a strong water retention (in women). Jupiter gives the sagittarius a lot of vitality, optimism, sociability and desire to have many children. It can be really very generous but sometimes guilty of naivety and hopelessness for this can attack him. Just Jupiter can cause him to be so, and not to open your eyes and be careful who has before. He likes to surround himself with friends who want to have in the house where you feel the master. Let's say that in the work tends to follow too many roads, and would do well to focus only on a street. He likes to do strange friendships, details with people even from other countries and cultures. Better for him jobs related to abroad, the trade, to travel.

Sagittarius - strengths: loves to travel, loves nature, loyal, dynamic, loves other cultures, greedy.

Sagittarius - weaknesses: makes too many things together, not much care your body, it tends to command at home.

Pisces - basic features: how is the sign of pisces? The pisces sign is a water sign ruled by Jupiter and changeable and Neptune. It is generally not a very optimistic and confident in the lives even if Jupiter should instill these qualities but is rather Neptune is heard making dreamer, very sensitive, tender and sweet. Perhaps these qualities are brought to exasperation in his case and therefore can divenir prey to unscrupulous people. He should have more confidence in himself and in what he can do but unfortunately must say that does not have much initiative. Excels in jobs related to art and then in music, for example, but also in the kitchen and in the education of their children due to its extreme sensitivity and tact. Very unkempt in appearance and health of your body He may fall victim to fear and uncertainty sometimes unfounded. Neptune makes those born under the sign of very susceptible persons pisces and that is why it is advisable to be careful who you choose as both partners as a friend. If then we put ourselves Jupiter also makes them naive then the omelet is done. In love and affections in general it is faithful even if it does not show a lot of his transport to the partners. It can bind readily to a person for many years of his life even if it betrays him.

Pisces - strengths: sweet, loves family, loves the holidays and traditions, confident in life, he loves children, easygoing.

Pisces - weaknesses: naive, very loyal to the partner, excessive in giving confidence to others, greedy, you can possess many flaws, lack of courage, lack of determination.

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