What is the significance of the four cardinal signs in the horoscope? The cardinal signs in the zodiac are the 4 signs in which the Sun is at the beginning of each season. What are the basic qualities, the features, the merits and defects of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac? The aries, cancer, libra, capricorn are fixed, cardinal or movable signs? How many are the cardinal signs of the zodiac? What are the four cardinal signs of the zodiac? "I want to know if my zodiac sign is a fixed sign, cardinal or movable. How do I know this? Who helps me understand if my aries sign is a cardinal sign or not? How do I know if the zodiac sign cancer is a cardinal sign or not? I'm libra sign and then I'm a cardinal sign of the zodiac. If my zodiac sign is capricorn is a cardinal sign then? What are my strengths and weaknesses then and what basic features does my sign of the western zodiac?" Which attribute, character, connotation, characteristics, features, properties, quality, and such requirements have the 4 cardinal signs of the zodiac? The four cardinal signs are aries, cancer, libra, capricorn and often they know what they should do in their lives because they see clearly their future even though seeking help in their past and then act accordingly to achieve the objectives. Unfortunately, these people often need to be encouraged to move forward.



Aries - basic features: how is is the aries sign? The first fire and cardinal sign of the zodiac is one that most represents the concept of energy. Always work with so many ideas that often puts into practice without thinking twice about. Bursting in the affections and passionate in the way of loving, faithful but also sweet always need to be involved in new initiatives because he hates the monotony and consequently a monotonous partners. Sometimes it can be very stubborn and act too impulsively and often want to be right when he maybe does not have it. Ideal jobs where there is need to take immediate decisions, which need to expenditure of energy. The classic monotonous jobs are not for him. As usually with colored clothes often and love the aromas. Also he knows how to work in partnership with others. Courage, boldness, impulse your keywords. Its planet is Mars ruler that represents the strength, determination but also aggression, anger.

Aries - strengths: sweet, loving, faithful, strong will, initiative.

Aries - weaknesses: stubborn, obstinate, not idealistic, irascible, always convinced of his ideas, restless, inattentive to his body.

Cancer - basic features: how is cancer sign? Cardinal and water sign along with scorpio and pisces. Very important for him are family traditions, village festivals, anniversaries, birthdays, their family of origin why can expend every last drop of energy. He loves their work where trying hard but being tied to the planet Moon is really all too moody and can change from day to day decisions. It can pass by happiness with the snout in less than no time and the partner knows. Tending to put on pounds over the years is really an easy-going guy but he does not like much to cuddle in love. Jealous, not really a true sign can be easily engage in unclear situations. Typical its head shots that can lead to change jobs several times and partners during the course of his life. It possesses little initiative.

Cancer - strengths: sweet, delicate, motherhood, love of nature, conscientious, strong worker.

Cancer - weaknesses: easy to head shots, moody, jealous, gossipy, too in need of affection, can not live alone.

Libra - basic features: how is the sign of libra? Air sign as gemini and aquarius belongs to the cardinal signs and has a really terrific taste that comes from his ruling planet, namely Venus. Very diplomatic person, able to reconcile all good reference point especially for his family. Balanced in most things he does, try to never overdo it. Enjoys life if you can in a simple way and without overestimating his possessions often gaining the esteem not only of his family members also have many friends that surround. Not very decisive when it comes to making choices that the capture by surprise. He asks sincerity and dedication to both the family and friends is just as well with them. It may well work in the field of politics but also as an employee is fine because he knows submit to others' orders. Very clean, tidy, methodical.

Libra - strengths: sense of duty, in assessing fair, balanced, concerned about its body, endowed with refined sense of aesthetics, precise and methodical, artistic sense.

Libra - weaknesses: does not assess objectively the other, it exceeds in the use of his qualities, exaggerated aesthetic sense, too fussy, sometimes too diplomatic.

Capricorn - basic features: how is the sign of capricorn? Earth and cardinal sign is certainly the toughest of the 12 zodiac signs with a very strong will that can make him climb incredibly difficult peaks to climb, not impetuously but using time, sacrifice and total dedication. If you decide to engage in something he does to the end and that is why it is a person in general you can count with your eyes closed. It tends to hide sometimes and to have a second job. He does not like to show his qualities, but loves us anyway that they are appreciated at least by those who love him. Generally prefers the solitary life but when she falls in love does it forever. It is faithful and very passionate with an erotic charge not indifferent. His planet is Saturn guide that gives the, perseverance, foresight, analytical capacity, persistence and a lot of reason. Not very fond of parties and social life in general and prefer to have few friends.

Capricorn - strengths: capable of analyzing, introspective, strong will leathery, workaholic at work, capable of living in solitude, faithful, loves science and math, ironic, humorous, desire to arrive, reliable person, remarkable intimate passion.

Capricorn - weaknesses: detachment from reality, cold in love, stubborn, slow in learning, overlooked in terms of aesthetics and health, rancorous, cheapskate, collect goods excessively.

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