What are the basic qualities, the features, the merits, defects, strengths, weaknesses of 3 zodiac signs of earth in the horoscope? Which element belong the 3 signs, taurus, virgo and capricorn? These signs are elements of air, water, fire or earth? How many are the zodiac signs of earth? What are the four basic elements that make up our world and that are considered in astrology? What are the three earth signs of the zodiac? "I want to know if my zodiac sign is a sign of air, earth, fire or water. How do I know this? Who helps me understand if my taurus sign is a sign of earth or not? How do I know if the zodiac sign virgo is a sign of earth or not? I'm virgo sign and therefore I'm an earth sign of the zodiac. What are my strengths and weaknesses then and what basic features does my sign of the western zodiac?" Which attribute, character, connotation, characteristics, features, properties, quality, and such requirements have 3 zodiac signs that belong to the element earth? The three earth signs are taurus, virgo and capricorn. Each of these signs has characteristics that distinguish it and make it different from the other signs of the zodiac and obviously also the merits and defects are often different from each other. Below you can review the quality of each one of these three signs.



Taurus - basic features: how is the taurus sign? The first fixed sign, earth sign. Generally unwilling to worldly life but loving the home, love madly with their family of origin and her children that feeds a real maternal affection. Greedy, slightly tending to fatten and quite jealous even though he does not reason. In love is very cuddly, perhaps more a friend than a lover but certainly true. He loves to be with old friends. Its good collaborative skills in the work where it can excel in areas related at the art, the kitchen, the children being a sign ruled by the planet Venus, in fact tied to art, beauty, love. Usually he knows to administer his assets and those of his family. He loves to be surrounded by nature where you can enjoy the scents and colors and is generally a very sensual and full of intimate cravings.

Taurus - strengths: love for cooking and food, loyal, loves his family, related to the children, loves nature, strong sexual transport, carefully their bodies.

Taurus - weaknesses: greedy, stubborn, tends to exaggerations

Virgo - basic features: how is the virgo sign? Earth and mutable sign, Mercury is the planet that guide and shows a remarkable intelligence and a remarkable ability to administer their assets and those of his family. Typically is a saver and buy only useful things in his life. Unwilling to worldly life but knows being with friends. Mercury gives him a good deal of communicative and this can fascinate people. Especially in love, because of its appearance, it can conquer many partners but once sceltone one knows to be faithful even if it proves to be not just a passionate transport layer volcano. It enjoys generally good health with some problems to the bones. Large and methodical worker, very attentive to detail, details known to be realistic, concrete although it may prove too insecure in various life situations. To be selected as a business partner or employee because he can assign any task and then give him a lot of confidence.

Virgo - strengths: methodical, precise, clean, tidy, love the family, sense of duty, Currency well his possessions, able to save.

Virgo - weaknesses: picky, stingy, reluctant to spend, just passionate, too neat, slightly neglected in the care of the body, lack of trust in others.

Capricorn - basic features: how is the sign of capricorn? Earth and cardinal sign is certainly the toughest of the 12 zodiac signs with a very strong will that can make him climb incredibly difficult peaks to climb, not impetuously but using time, sacrifice and total dedication. If you decide to engage in something he does to the end and that is why it is a person in general you can count with your eyes closed. It tends to hide sometimes and to have a second job. He does not like to show his qualities, but loves us anyway that they are appreciated at least by those who love him. Generally prefers the solitary life but when she falls in love does it forever. It is faithful and very passionate with an erotic charge not indifferent. His planet is Saturn guide that gives the, perseverance, foresight, analytical capacity, persistence and a lot of reason. Not very fond of parties and social life in general and prefer to have few friends.

Capricorn - strengths: capable of analyzing, introspective, strong will leathery, workaholic at work, capable of living in solitude, faithful, loves science and math, ironic, humorous, desire to arrive, reliable person, remarkable intimate passion.

Capricorn - weaknesses: detachment from reality, cold in love, stubborn, slow in learning, overlooked in terms of aesthetics and health, rancorous, cheapskate, collect goods excessively.

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