What are the basic qualities, the features, the merits, defects, strengths, weaknesses of 3 zodiac signs of water in the horoscope? Which element belong the 3 signs, cancer, scorpio, pisces? These signs are elements of air, water, fire or earth? How many are the zodiac signs of water? What are the four basic elements that make up our world and that are considered in astrology? What are the three water signs of the zodiac? "I want to know if my zodiac sign is a sign of air, earth, fire or water. How do I know this? Who helps me understand if my gemini sign is a sign of water or not? How do I know if the zodiac sign aquarius is a sign of water or not? They are the libra sign and therefore I'm a water sign of the zodiac. What are my strengths and weaknesses then and what basic features does my sign of the western zodiac?" Which attribute, character, connotation, characteristics, features, properties, quality, and such requirements have 3 zodiac signs that belong to the element water? The three water signs are cancer, scorpio and pisces. Each of these signs has characteristics that distinguish it and make it different from the other signs of the zodiac and obviously also the merits and defects are often different from each other. Below you can review the quality of each one of these three signs.



Cancer - basic features: how is cancer sign? Cardinal and water sign along with scorpio and pisces. Very important for him are family traditions, village festivals, anniversaries, birthdays, their family of origin why can expend every last drop of energy. He loves their work where trying hard but being tied to the planet Moon is really all too moody and can change from day to day decisions. It can pass by happiness with the snout in less than no time and the partner knows. Tending to put on pounds over the years is really an easy-going guy but he does not like much to cuddle in love. Jealous, not really a true sign can be easily engage in unclear situations. Typical its head shots that can lead to change jobs several times and partners during the course of his life. It possesses little initiative.

Cancer - strengths: sweet, delicate, motherhood, love of nature, conscientious, strong worker.

Cancer - weaknesses: easy to head shots, moody, jealous, gossipy, too in need of affection, can not live alone.

Scorpio - basic features: how is the scorpio sign? Fixed sign and ruled by the planet Mars and Pluto secondarily. Give it a lot of aggression, desire to excel and above all strong magnetism. Able to make his own the crowds or a person he also likes with just a glance or a few whispered words. Very sensual, passionate in love and devoted to escapades. Indeed it is not the most faithful of the 12 signs although we must say that the others are falling at his feet and not he who tries. As often with dark colors like black and is very instinctive in its decisions and choices, both working that affective. It has a predisposition to medianicità, to understand things before they happen and often can guess the end of the situation thanks to his sixth sense developed. Better not make him mad in love or work because it could prove very vindictive. Generally He exaggerates with dressing and makeup but this is his point of attraction. It can work well in the arts but also medically. It could become an excellent surgeon. Sometimes his anger can lead to very aggressive events especially if turns out to be betrayed, deceived by those who he thought was his friend. It is generally an introvert, very profound that does not easily open to all.

Scorpio - strengths: introverse, very passionate, instinctive, psychic, with sixth sense, magnetic, sense of duty, methodical, inclined towards the arts.

Scorpio - weaknesses: too passionate, vindictive, stubborn, jealous, incapable of making right decisions in love, too sought her dress and makeup.

Pisces - basic features: how is the sign of pisces? The pisces sign is a water sign ruled by Jupiter and changeable and Neptune. It is generally not a very optimistic and confident in the lives even if Jupiter should instill these qualities but is rather Neptune is heard making dreamer, very sensitive, tender and sweet. Perhaps these qualities are brought to exasperation in his case and therefore can divenir prey to unscrupulous people. He should have more confidence in himself and in what he can do but unfortunately must say that does not have much initiative. Excels in jobs related to art and then in music, for example, but also in the kitchen and in the education of their children due to its extreme sensitivity and tact. Very unkempt in appearance and health of your body He may fall victim to fear and uncertainty sometimes unfounded. Neptune makes those born under the sign of very susceptible persons pisces and that is why it is advisable to be careful who you choose as both partners as a friend. If then we put ourselves Jupiter also makes them naive then the omelet is done. In love and affections in general it is faithful even if it does not show a lot of his transport to the partners. It can bind readily to a person for many years of his life even if it betrays him.

Pisces - strengths: sweet, loves family, loves the holidays and traditions, confident in life, he loves children, easygoing.

Pisces - weaknesses: naive, very loyal to the partner, excessive in giving confidence to others, greedy, you can possess many flaws, lack of courage, lack of determination.

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