What are the basic qualities, the features, the merits, defects, strengths, weaknesses of 3 zodiac signs of air in the horoscope? Which element belong the 3 signs, gemini, libra and aquarius? These signs are elements of air, water, fire or earth? How many are the zodiac signs of air? What are the four basic elements that make up our world and that are considered in astrology? What are the three air signs of the zodiac? "I want to know if my zodiac sign is a sign of air, earth, fire or water. How do I know this? Who helps me understand if my gemini sign is a sign of air or not? How do I know if the zodiac sign aquarius is a sign of air or not? I'm libra sign and therefore I'm an air sign of the zodiac. What are my strengths and weaknesses then and what basic features does my sign of the western zodiac?" Which attribute, character, connotation, characteristics, features, properties, quality, and such requirements have 3 zodiac signs that belong to the element air? The three air signs are gemini, libra and aquarius. Each of these signs has characteristics that distinguish it and make it different from the other signs of the zodiac and obviously also the merits and defects are often different from each other. Below you can review the quality of each one of these three signs.



Gemini - basic features: how is the sign of gemini? The first air sign and changing is represented with a symbol of two equal boys but opposite to each other. Sign of splitting, knows take different faces depending on who is in front but very adaptable to many different situations. It equipped with a strong intellect and mental curiosity, It is also very lively and hates the monotony. Partner loves that involve always in different initiatives, social evenings, outputs and has a strong sense of friendship. For friends would do anything. however very changeable in character may move from one job to another if its superficiality in things is not confined, locked. Not very loyal to the partner and not very passionate to him who sees almost more like a friend. Its adaptability to many jobs is high and his ability to charm people with great words. In fact, his planet mercury and is ruler of the best jobs for him would be precisely related to communication.

Gemini - strengths: communicative, strong sense of friendship, helpful, optimistic, heightened sense of duty, dynamic.

Gemini - weaknesses: little passionate, superficial, careless, messy, care little about their own bodies, naive, easy to lies.

Libra - basic features: how is the sign of libra? Air sign as gemini and aquarius belongs to the cardinal signs and has a really terrific taste that comes from his ruling planet, namely Venus. Very diplomatic person, able to reconcile all good reference point especially for his family. Balanced in most things he does, try to never overdo it. Enjoys life if you can in a simple way and without overestimating his possessions often gaining the esteem not only of his family members also have many friends that surround. Not very decisive when it comes to making choices that the capture by surprise. He asks sincerity and dedication to both the family and friends is just as well with them. It may well work in the field of politics but also as an employee is fine because he knows submit to others' orders. Very clean, tidy, methodical.

Libra - strengths: sense of duty, in assessing fair, balanced, concerned about its body, endowed with refined sense of aesthetics, precise and methodical, artistic sense.

Libra - weaknesses: does not assess objectively the other, it exceeds in the use of his qualities, exaggerated aesthetic sense, too fussy, sometimes too diplomatic.

Aquarius - basic features: how is the aquarius sign? Fixed air sign is related to Saturn and Uranus. These planets infuse wisdom, foresight, persistence and great capacity for innovation. His ideas can really be quite ahead of its time even if for this reason not be understood, you know, incurred. He loves technology and all the work related to it would fit but the important that he should be given independence or do not oppress too. He needs to feel free and not tied, and the same is true in love wherever he is trying to hold below, and the more you lose. Very present sense of friendship and great inclination to do something for people in need the aquarius in fact wish they could save the world. It is not very faithful in love and it's easy to have more than one partner, and by the way is not very passionate intimacy of the couple. Just because he is ruled by Saturn may entrust even heavy tasks, important, serious and requiring use of reason, method, always tenacity that he should be given space to act. In typically generous with those who love and very wasteful.

Aquarius - strengths: strong sense of freedom, very independent, with great humanity, sense of friendship, love technology, very imaginative, collaborative, ideas and projects forward in time.

Aquarius - weaknesses: excessive sense of independence, surface in pursuing goals, wants to do everything himself, neglected in body and health, unfaithful to the conjugal level.

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