Have you been born between 20/21 April and 20/21 May of any year? Then you were born under the sign of Taurus. But what does it mean, what does it mean to be born under this sign of earth and what features usually has a person born under the Taurus sign, be it man or woman, male or female? If you have the Sun in Taurus in the birth chart then your instinct is unique and it is forged of particular characteristics, merits and basic defects. "But what are they like if I have the Sun in the Taurus sign in my birth chart? What are my peculiarities being born under this sign? What meaning can I give to the Taurus sign which is my birth sign?" The solar sign is the starting point in the study of the astral chart, that is, of one's own birth theme. It obviously does not suffice to understand one's own character but provides us with useful indications that together with others can make us understand what kind of person we are. The Sun, in particular, indicates the instinct of a person, to where she goes, almost without realizing it, in her life. We can therefore say that the Sun in the birth chart symbolizes our primal instinct.

Sun in Taurus - meaning: How is the sign of Taurus? It is the first fixed sign, earth sign. Generally not inclined to the worldly life but more lover of the domestic walls, it loves its family of origin and its children to madness, for which it nurtures a real maternal affection. Greedy, slightly tending to gain weight and quite jealous even if it has no reason. In love he is very cuddly, perhaps more a friend than a lover but certainly faithful. He loves being with his old friends. Good his collaborative skills in work where he can excel in fields related to art, cooking, children being a sign dominated by the planet Venus, linked precisely to art, beauty, love. He usually knows how to manage his possessions and those of his family well. He loves to be immersed in nature where he enjoys his scents and colors and is generally a very sensual person and full of intimate desires. A lover of food, of the arts in general, of work in which he commits himself with sacrifice and seriousness. Faithful knows how to love his family of origin and his partner very much even though he can sometimes be too jealous and possessive. Excellent administrator of his and others' money, he can run into moments of excessive laziness.

Merits: love for cooking and food, faithful, loves the family, tied to the children, loves nature, strong sexual transport, takes care of one's body.

Defects: greedy, stubborn, tending to exaggeration.


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