Have you been born between 20/21 May and 20/21 June of any year? Then you were born under the sign of Gemini. But what does it mean, what does it mean to be born under this sign of air and what features usually has a person born under the Gemini sign, be it man or woman, male or female? If you have the Sun in Gemini in the birth chart then your instinct is unique and it is forged of particular characteristics, merits and basic defects. "But what are they like if I have the Sun in the Gemini sign in my birth chart? What are my peculiarities being born under this sign? What meaning can I give to the Gemini sign which is my birth sign?" The solar sign is the starting point in the study of the astral chart, that is, of one's own birth theme. It obviously does not suffice to understand one's own character but provides us with useful indications that together with others can make us understand what kind of person we are. The Sun, in particular, indicates the instinct of a person, to where she goes, almost without realizing it, in her life. We can therefore say that the Sun in the birth chart symbolizes our primal instinct.

Sun in Gemini - meaning: How is the sign of Gemini? First sign of air and changeable is represented with a symbol of two equal but opposite children. A sign of splitting, it knows how to take on different faces based on who is in front of it but very adaptable to the most disparate situations. Gifted with a strong intelligence and mental curiosity, he is also very lively and hates monotony. He loves partners that always involve him in different initiatives, social evenings, outings and has a very strong sense of friendship. For friends, he would do anything. Very changeable however in the character it could pass from one job to another if its superficiality in things is not limited, blocked. Not very faithful to the partner and not very passionate towards him who sees almost more like a friend. His adaptability to many jobs is high and his ability to charm people with remarkable words. In fact his dominating planet is mercury and the best jobs for him would be precisely related to communication. Here we are faced with a character with a double face, superficial, spendthrift, who puts his love relationships above all on an intellectual level rather than an intimate, passionate one. Excellent communication skills, very good talking and for this reason the jobs related to TV, radio and writing are good. Tendency to lie but great commitment to work.

Merits: communicative, strong sense of friendship, helpful, optimistic, sense of duty accentuated, dynamic.

Defects: not very passionate, superficial, neglected, messy, cares little about one's body, naive, easy to lie.


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