Have you been born between 20/21 February and 20/21 March of any year? Then you were born under the sign of Pisces. But what does it mean, what does it mean to be born under this sign of water and what features usually has a person born under the Pisces sign, be it man or woman, male or female? If you have the Sun in Pisces in the birth chart then your instinct is unique and it is forged of particular characteristics, merits and basic defects. "But what are they like if I have the Sun in the Pisces sign in my birth chart? What are my peculiarities being born under this sign? What meaning can I give to the Pisces sign which is my birth sign?" The solar sign is the starting point in the study of the astral chart, that is, of one's own birth theme. It obviously does not suffice to understand one's own character but provides us with useful indications that together with others can make us understand what kind of person we are. The Sun, in particular, indicates the instinct of a person, to where she goes, almost without realizing it, in her life. We can therefore say that the Sun in the birth chart symbolizes our primal instinct.

Sun in Pisces - meaning: How is the sign of Pisces? The sign of the Pisces is a water sign and changeable dominated by Jupiter and Neptune. Generally it is not a very optimistic and confident sign in life even if Jupiter should infuse these qualities into it but it is rather Neptune that makes itself felt making it a dreamer, very sensitive, tender and sweet. These qualities are perhaps exasperated in his case and therefore can become the prey of unscrupulous people. He should have more confidence in himself and in what he knows how to do but unfortunately it must be said that he is not endowed with much spirit of initiative. He excels in works related to art and therefore in music, for example but also in the kitchen and in the education of children thanks to his extreme sensitivity and tact. Very little taken care of in the appearance and health of his body, he can fall victim to insecurities and fears, sometimes unfounded fears. Neptune makes those born under the sign of Pisces very fluent and that's why it is advisable to be careful who you choose both as a partner and as a friend. If then we put ourselves Jupiter which also makes them naive then the omelette is done. In love and in the affections in general he is faithful even if he does not show much his transport towards the partner. He can easily bind himself to a person for many years of his life even if he betrays him. The Sun in this sign speaks of a very sensitive, defenseless person, very changeable in life who lives in a world of his own. He can be very magnetic in the eyes of others and he can also be gentle and kind, often generous to those he loves. Sometimes it is excessively romantic and can live in a confusion of not indifferent feelings. He can be an excellent artist and poet. On the negative side there is also a certain uncontrollable desire to gossip. In addition we can assist individuals addicted to vices such as smoking, alcohol and various drugs.

Merits: sweet, loves family, loves parties and traditions, confident in life, loves children, good-natured.

Defects: naive, not faithful to the partner, excessive in giving trust to others, greedy, can possess not a few defects, lacks courage, lacks determination.


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