Have you been born between 20/21 October and 20/21 November of any year? Then you were born under the sign of Scorpio. But what does it mean, what does it mean to be born under this sign of water and what features usually has a person born under the Scorpio sign, be it man or woman, male or female? If you have the Sun in Scorpio in the birth chart then your instinct is unique and it is forged of particular characteristics, merits and basic defects. "But what are they like if I have the Sun in the Scorpio sign in my birth chart? What are my peculiarities being born under this sign? What meaning can I give to the Scorpio sign which is my birth sign?" The solar sign is the starting point in the study of the astral chart, that is, of one's own birth theme. It obviously does not suffice to understand one's own character but provides us with useful indications that together with others can make us understand what kind of person we are. The Sun, in particular, indicates the instinct of a person, to where she goes, almost without realizing it, in her life. We can therefore say that the Sun in the birth chart symbolizes our primal instinct.

Sun in Scorpio - meaning: How is the sign of Scorpio? A fixed sign dominated by the planet Mars and Pluto secondarily. They give it a lot of aggressiveness, a desire to excel but above all strong magnetism. Able to make his own the crowds or a person he likes even with just a look or a few whispered words. Very sensual, passionate in love and devoted to escapades. In fact it is not the best faithful of the 12 signs even if it must be said that it is the others who fall at his feet and not he who tries. She often dresses in dark colors like black and is very instinctive in her decisions and choices, both working and affective. He has a predisposition to mediumship, to understand things before they happen and often succeeds in guessing the end of situation thanks to his sixth sense developed. Better not to make him angry in love or at work because it could prove to be really vengeful. In general he exaggerates in dressing and putting on makeup but this is his point of attraction. He can work well in the artistic sector but also on a medical level. He could become a great surgeon. Sometimes his anger can lead to very aggressive events, especially if he discovers he has been betrayed, cheated by whoever he thought was his friend. He is generally an introverted, very profound person who does not open easily to everyone. Those who know a scorpion know how much it can be very attractive, have a particularly strong magnetism. Jealous, possessive and very passionate in his intimate impulses he can face strong aggression if betrayed. Dominated by Mars it would be good if he did jobs where he could discharge his excess energy. Woe to hurt him because he would certainly avenge himself.

Merits: introverted, very passionate, instinctive, mediumistic, endowed with sixth sense, magnetic, sense of duty, methodical, inclined towards the arts.

Defects: too passionate, vindictive, stubborn, jealous, unable to make right decisions in love, too sophisticated his dress and makeup.


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