"How do I calculate my personal number of the current year or the new to come?. "How can I find, know and read my personal numbers of the day, month and year that interest me?". How will be the day or the current month or year that is about to begin according to numerology for me? Numerology, an ancient art of divination, was and is still used to know oneself, but also for groped to make predictions. For each of us it is possible to find, by simple calculations, the numbers of the year, month and day that we are interested. So we can know how it will more or less a year, as will a month and how each day of the month. Numerology is used to make predictions for the day, month and year part from our date of birth. Let's see how to make personal predictions with numerology for day, month and year online free.

The calculation is very simple. Suppose that a person is born on the day 23/09/1979.

In order to calculate the number of the personal year we have to sum the day and the month of birth and the result still add up the value of the current year. Then 23+09+2014 (if the current year is 2014, otherwise it will be another). The result is 2+3+0+9+2+0+1+4=21 that still must be reduced to a single digit then 2+1=3. The numbers of the personal year are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

In order to calculate the number of the personal months we'll have to add the number of the year with the month before staff found that interests us. For example, if we want to make predictions for the month of September and got a number of years as the personal value 3, we have to do 3+9 (September is the ninth month). The result is 12 which is then further simplified 1+2=3. The number 3 is the personal number of the month chosen. The numbers of the personal month are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

In order to calculate the number of the personal day we add the number of the month and the year before and found staff still add them to the day of the month in which we want to make predictions. So continuing the example first: personal year 3 + personal month + day that we are interested (for example, the 25th day of the month of September). 3+3+25=31 which becomes reduced again 3+1=4. Personal number of the day is 4. The numbers of the personal day are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Now that you understand how to calculate everything you read in the predictions for year, month and day.


Personal year number 1 - meaning: is the year of new beginnings. If you have completed in the past of the streets, the projects, put an end to the situation, then this is the right year to start again, to resume the reins of your life and go to new places. This is the year of opportunity, opportunity. Be enterprising, active, awake but not stubborn because you may be disappointed. Spread the ride of your knowledge. Start new projects during this year means being able to live well in the next 8 years.

Personal year number 2 - meaning: from year 2, if you have sown good in the previous year, you can already begin to see the fruits of your concrete initiatives of your projects. Will be very important for you to find partners, trusted employees necessary to carry out projects and ideas. Seize the opportunities that will come to you but open your eyes because you know some people will disappoint you.

Personal year number 3 - meaning: year 3 is what you can already see the protagonists in social life. If you are artists, politicians, or you can take important roles will be recognized your merits. Show yourself to others cheerful, friendly, active and know the time to cut your love relationships. This is the right year if you want to marry and the year in which many favors could come from women.

Personal year number 4 - meaning: the year of both working and emotional stability. You will love being with your family of origin, there maybe some problem riavvicinerà to it. Possibility to start new projects, new initiatives to reset. Know leverage on past mistakes not to commit to others later. Do not waste your energy unnecessarily. You're almost halfway through the ride numerological and you can not go back. Be careful not to fall into depression and anxiety, I recommend you react. Likely to decide to buy a property.

Personal year number 5 - meaning: is the year where the person can relax devoted to entertainment, to hobbies, to his children, cinema and art. Positive outputs mundane that can bring new loves, new friends and also useful knowledge to work. Excellent relationship with any children or children who get success. In short you will really want to live, to go out, to be with others but do not forget the commitments, projects for which you are struggling, do not be distracted in fact. Possible wins the game.

Personal year number 6 - meaning: in this year you have some valid colleagues at your side. You could hire an employee who will prove to be a good worker reliable and serious. The daily work steals all your energy but gives you satisfaction and you can not be unhappy. Try to do sports and to treat your health condition that may require attention.

Personal year number 7 - meaning: you will have a mad desire to be with others, to have someone at your side always, it is your colleague, your love partner or a friend. Exit and you are not alone, you move away from the concept of loneliness. You might meet a person who will make your heart beat and you may even decide to get married or move in together. Possible disputes with colleagues or business associates.

Personal year number 8 - meaning: year to devote to family matters, inheritances, to payments, pensions. In short it is a year when you could have a huge profit without you making anything or you could spend the money to buy a house (asking for a mortgage or loan) or to heal a debt. Possible big wins the game but woe to make big bets, betting the minimum. Strange ideas about death will fill the mind.

Personal year number 9 - meaning: you finally came in the final year of the cycle that started with the number 1. 9 years have passed and if you have made a path you should feel right there, happy, happy. You can now think of the new cycle that opens in front of you and begin to have new ideas, ask yourself new targets. But in the meantime enjoy the results. If something has gone wrong in the past, unfortunately, the 9 year will be the year in which the amounts will pull in a negative way. But the fault is yours alone.


Personal month number 1 - meaning: suitable month to start new routes. Think of something new and get to it to put it all into practice. There shines forth new ideas in my head. Trust your intuition.

Personal month number 2 - meaning: month dedicated to the gains but also to overspending. Perhaps the proposal of a working collaboration will get there and you should accept it before but to properly examine for good.

Personal month number 3 - meaning: a month in which your ideas can find projects outlets lucky. Positive news coming in by phone, mail or email. Travel and short journeys by car, motorcycle, train favorites.

Personal month number 4 - meaning: love it as much as possible to stay in your home environment. You'll love the warmth of your family and seek the affection of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. Job stability and practicality in carrying out the projects.

Personal month number 5 - meaning: good month for fun. Exit, go to the theater or cinema, you start playing a ostrumento, go shopping but keep an eye on your wallet. Satisfaction from their children. Probable small winnings in the game but always betting the minimum.

Personal month number 6 - meaning: the daily work this month goes well and if you have any colleagues or employees, they will be well disposed towards you. Attention to the best interpretation of physical symptoms that could indicate some health problems. But this month you will have better care of your body.

Personal month number 7 - meaning: favorable month for meetings especially love. You might even think of going to live or to get married with your love partner. Good collaborations with other people but weighed everything and careful members cheating. In this month you will love being with others and do not reject proposals then exit.

Personal month number 8 - meaning: issues related to inheritance, pensions, expenses you did not expect, dark thoughts about death. You will have developed a sixth sense, and you could even hit the winning numbers but played little ok?

Personal month number 9 - meaning: This month, if you have sown good in past ones, and you will live a sense of well-being, bliss, you will feel you have achieved the objectives. If not you will pay the consequences. A cycle is closed and opens another.


Personal day number 1 - meaning: you start something new today. Ideas that make living in the head to keep in mind. You will be very lively and ye do.

Personal day number 2 - meaning: receive some amount of money you expect to spend the time or money for something unexpected. Maybe someone will ask for help and seek your cooperation.

Personal day number 3 - meaning: news coming today by phone, email, regular mail. Wander for small trips and one of these might have some good news.

Personal day number 4 - meaning: stable and concrete day, able to complete your tasks and you will love your stay in the home with your family members.

Personal day number 5 - meaning: time to devote to their children, or hobbies, entertainment. Never mind the work and responsibilities today but outputs, go to the cinema, to the theater.

Personal day number 6 - meaning: good work today. The daily routine goes not bad. Good relationships with colleagues. You will give more attention to your body and the signals it sends.

Personal day number 7 - meaning: relationships with the opposite sex preferences. Some encounter that will make your heart beat. Voelte be with others and shunned solitude.

Personal day number 8 - meaning: perhaps you have an almost psychic instinct today that will make you perceive something. Do not miss these insights that could be successful. Some small gift on arrival.

Personal day number 9 - meaning: day when you will not want to do anything because maybe you have sown in the previous and collected enough. Rest then because tomorrow we start again.


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