"What is my personal number of destiny? How do I find my destiny number? What is the exact calculation to find it and what is it?". If you do not know how to know your destiny number and read the features, you just follow this guide on numerology to calculate the number of destiny easy, free and a person's online. As who owns the destiny number 1, 2 or 11? What features does the destiny number in numerology 5, 7 or 22? Let's see to figure out how to find number first base and then move on to read its meaning. I remember that the destiny number (also called a number of the path of life or mission in life) is a number that connects us to Karma and that is past lives. According to numerology the number of fate that we represent in this life is therefore a result of the actions done in past lives. So the concept refers to the reincarnation of the soul after death. So, how to calculate own destiny number and the number of destiny of a person online free?


The calculation is very simple. You do not need to do is add up the digits of your date of birth and reduce everything to one of the following numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22, 33. To understand everything we do an example:

You were born the 14/04/1976? Then add up all the numbers in this way: 1+4+0+4+1+9+7+6 obtaining the result of 32. Because the number 32 is not included among those listed on then we need to continue to add and then 3+2 = 5. This is the number of the destiny for those who are born 14/04/1976. At this point you can read the exact interpretation on the number reading below:

Destiny number 1 - meaning: is the number that identifies a person who is independent, able to make his own way and who resents orders and constraints. It must absolutely avoid doing work in partnership with others because they have the grip of the leader, then it can be a leader but not an employee. Equipped with a lot of creativity and self-confidence, however, must be able to control his instinct to control.

Destiny number 2 - meaning: your way of life leads you to collaborate with others and give you the next. You are very sensitive people and look for harmony in relationships both business and affective. A flaw lies in your give yourselves over to the other annullarvi and the risk of becoming slaves. Know donate right.

Destiny number 3 - meaning: generally this number represents a very lively, friendly, cheerful, very intelligent and has a great desire to communicate. Ideal then work where he can express himself with writing or speech and can be put in place where his creativity. It tends to be a liar and maybe sometimes superficial. Start a path and not the almost never ending. Love relationships more intellectual than physical.

Destiny number 4 - meaning: your task is to create you a stable life and you strive for it. You will move according to a search of emotional and economic stability with perseverance and calm. But you need to step forward in life with honesty, not using fraudulent means.

Destiny number 5 - meaning: curious, dynamic and very independent, you have to be able to cultivate modesty. You will have many changes over the life also due to your need to be free.

Destiny number 6 - meaning: your task in life is to better reflect situations in which they see hovering emotional relationships and work. Love seek safety in the family and you are a great connoisseur of art. For you have a taste for beauty and the sense of kindness. You are very good people.

Destiny number 7 - meaning: i was brought to your knowledge and buy gifts of wisdom right now, since you are still young. You are very logical and intelligent people, and move with the touch in life but I recommend not to be too serious.

Destiny number 8 - meaning: are power-hungry, and your life will be guided by the ambition, the desire to achieve great heights. You will be very combative and difficult to pull you down but try to pay more attention to the spirit of life that in some situations the material.

Destiny number 9 - meaning: here we are dealing with a person with an innate sense of justice and that will tend to take the reins of major class actions. Will have a very exciting and full of life events and try to help others.

Destiny number 11 - meaning: the person with this number is very smart. It has an intelligence and power, which could be a transcendental kind and always looking to the future. But it can sin in dispersing its energies in too many projects. Her intuition is truly exceptional.

Destiny number 22 - meaning: it is possible that you become, in the course of this existence, of the very important and that can assume roles of heads of government or otherwise fundamental roles for directing a community. You can accomplish missions really great even if you have to limit your needs.

Destiny number 33 - meaning: person with extrasensory powers, very magnetic and fascinating. Knows how to bewitch the people who come to it without itself doing anything. A person who can hide secrets or perform work in secret. Great psychic abilities to the limit of shamanism. Be careful not to make fun of those who seek your help.


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