"How do I know what my number of personality? How can I calculate, find my number of personality?". What is the number of personality and how to find out? What is it about this issue and what it means to have personal number as the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22, 33? Before you see the guide to calculate the exact number of their personality or of a specific person and free online, let us explain briefly what it refers to. The number of personality or also called identifier number tells us how we are temperamentally, as we move in life, how we appear to others and how we make choices or not. If we could compare traditional astrology and its 12 signs of the zodiac then we will compare it to sun sign. So, how to calculate own destiny number and the number of personality of a person online free?

But let's move on to the actual calculation is simple. Below you can see a table that contains the numbers one through nine. For each number corresponding to different letters. Just take our name and associate the number corresponding to each letter. It is the sum of the numbers and you get a final value that must be one of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22, 33. Let's take an example to understand the whole.


The name and surname of the person are MARIO ROSSI. The table shows that the letters correspond to the numbers following: M=4, A=1 , R=9, I=9, O=6 - R=9, O=6, S=1, S=1, I=9. We add together the numbers of the first and last name and then 4+1+9+9+6 (MARIO) +9+6+1+1+9 (ROSSI) obtaining the final value 55 that is not between the numerical values of the personality and therefore should be further reduced so: 5+5=10 but 10 is not yet a personality number and reduce it still 1+0=1. The number of personality MARIO ROSSI is the number 1.

After calculating the number of your personality or you can read the meaning identifier number below:

Personality number 1 - meaning: who owns the number 1 is certainly a wild very independent person, linked to its freedom that should not be missed. Remove them their space and will forsake you, go away from you. This in love but also in the work. Creative, self-confident, friendly and very determined to do the work alone because he hates to be forced, be controlled.

Personality number 2 - meaning: number 2 is linked to the concept of duality. So you love to collaborate with others, make a love partner, love search for an ideal partner takes all your affective life. Loneliness does not go very well for you and you need to always look for the company of a friend, colleague, family. Everything that is related to others in your life may bring harmony. But know who you listen to his forehead.

Personality number 3 - meaning: you in the concept of family is very well established from an early age. You will tend to find a partner and build a family with children, perhaps many children. Are people very harmonious, practical, determined, and imaginative. The number 3 is linked to the Holy Trinity and this also assumes an important spiritual significance. Guests are also provided with a strong spirit and compassionate you have to try to put in place to help others.

Personality number 4 - meaning: people stable, concrete, equipped with a highly developed concept of harmony. The others come to you for advice because you see people very honest, balanced and decisive. But you must not be too dominating over others. 4 is related to the square shape which is then also closed some people on an intellectual level, slightly open, too down-to-earth and very creative.

Personality number 5 - meaning: the number 5 is very creative people, lovers of worldliness, games, entertainment. We'll be doing with great love to the education of their children that are important to you in your life. May be good opportunities for profit in the game but never aim over the top. Great sense of beauty, you might be great artists, musicians and lovers of nature, open spaces. Maybe in you there is an excessive need of entertainment that you should learn to curb.

Personality number 6 - meaning: you are very dedicated to the work that you love to do on your side having trusted collaborators. You really brought the associations working for a company and you may have with your employees to follow. You carry out your daily tasks to the best of yourself. You also have a lot of care of your body, your fitness and health but also try to heal your mind, your spirit.

Personality number 7 - meaning: people generally marked by this number have a little personality and very individualistic flow instead toward collaborations with others. The other fact is your reason for living. No you could not do anything and not be able to manage your space. Need of relating to others. From now you can really get much even if disputes with the members can be on the agenda. The advice to be given to perosne with personality 7 is to try to understand who is in front of him, who serves as a partner with you. Married life is much sought after, coveted.

Personality number 8 - meaning: you are endowed with much charm and magnetism. Attract luck to you, the people and events that may be beneficial to you. You are very sensitive. You might have some great shots of luck in your life and these strokes of luck could also be due to legacies, inheritances, pensions. Do you love the mystery and you have particular ideas on the concept of death.

Numero della personalità 9 - meaning: the number 9 represents people who need to start and complete what they started. Nine is in fact the last of the digits, and indicates the end of a path for the opening of another. Therefore, you should strive to be determined and not forgetting reluctantly taken to the streets, fatigue, or because you do not see tangible concrete results. They will come if you are tenacious.

Personality number 11 - meaning: number linked to the emancipation, the desire to succeed and to become independent. From this number of genes can arise, however, of the great inventors who are likely to have such innovative ideas, cutting-edge with the times, which are rejected by society because they considered utopian, unachievable.

Personality number 22 - meaning: you are really very sensitive but your exaggerated sensitivity can be the key to many problems. One could be your habit to fall into the tunnel of drugs, alcohol just because you live in a world all your own and you may feel misunderstood by the rest of the group and society. However, you can take advantage of your sensitivity, your creativity and imagination to achieve great things in your life, but being careful not to overdo it in the ideas.

Personality number 33 - meaning: transcendental personality, with a unique ability to be able to enter the minds of others and understand what they think even before open mouth. Then accentuated psychic powers but they must be put at the service of the community and should not bring to cheat, deceive the people who spontaneously come to you to ask for help. Heal the spirit that matters most, it asks you for the number 33.


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