Find out more about who you are by studying your zodiac sign. Are you curious to know something more about your zodiac sign or about your zodiac ascendant? Not sure how to calculate your Western zodiac ascendant? We often notice that with some people we do not get along while with other people the compatibility, from the beginning of the friendship, is really very high. Here, by studying the astrological affinities, qualities, strengths and weaknesses of one's zodiac sign and also of the ascendant, we can better know not only ourselves but also those who surround us and are part of our life. All major curiosities about your zodiac sign you can find them in this article. In fact, by following the links below you can calculate the various ways your zodiac sign, so you know in which part of the zodiac the Sun was in the moment you were born. You will also know better the compatibility and affinity with the various signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces to try to get along with the people you meet, even to avoid some of them. Within the date of birth we can discover our personality with numerology and learn more about its strengths and weaknesses. Who knows how many times you have given a gift to a person who, however, was not happy with the gift. Try to better understand what the 12 zodiac signs want and if you want to know what day of the week you were born and what this day means, then follow some links below. So many curiosities about your zodiac sign which will help you understand the character very deeply to avoid making mistakes. The calculation of the ascending zodiac sign, for example, is really very important, fundamental and has a value similar to that of the solar zodiac sign. By analyzing both and mixing the information, you can get to know yourself and the people you meet in your life even better. Clearly to find the zodiacal ascendant you need to know the exact date of birth with day, month and year, the place of birth and also the time in which you came into the world. Knowing the day of the week you were born is also interesting because every day is ruled by a planet. Finally, have you ever had a particular interest in a color? Then find out which colors are best suited to yourself. Enjoy your reading and have fun and don't forget to visit the rest of our website as well.