How do you choose a good partner in love or in work knowing his zodiac sign? As is understood in the love between a man and a woman, the virgo of the leo? As is understood in the work of capricorn between a man and a man of the scorpio? Have you ever realized that with a particular zodiac sign never go along with another one instead? "Why do I go along with the taurus that I'm a capricorn both at work and in love instead with the scorpio do not get along in any field?" What's the best love horoscope astrological compatibility for all 12 zodiac signs? What other zodiac signs are most compatible with aquarius? With what zodiac signs aries has compatibility and affinity in love? What is taurus love compatibility with the other 12 zodiac signs? What love affinity between aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces signs? Who gets along in the zodiac sign of aries? Which love compatibility for water signs cancer, scorpio, pisces and air signs gemini, libra, aquarius? Can I get along with one of the signs of the earth taurus, virgo, capricorn I, who am a fire sign aries, leo, sagittarius? For what ever reason you are unable to get along with special signs in various areas of everyday life with others and instead you find the right balance?

We discover today talking about the similarities between the signs. Each sun sign has its own prerogatives in fact, expectations, goals to be achieved which may be similar or different from each other. Hardly speak of general affinity between the 12 signs would be a bit simplistic. For example, some might say that with an aquarius and get along with another aquarius is not it? Should be assessed by two people always complete the natal chart and to make comparisons between the various aspects (the so-called synastry). Here we try to give straight overall to better understand the basic characteristics of the signs and to live better with each of them.

In this respect, it could be very interesting to compare the people zodiac ascendant. In fact, you might have a sun sign of leo but get along with other people of the sign of the leo and this why? Why you or maybe you have the other person a ascendant trine in the sign of the leo and therefore the sign of aries or that of sagittarius. And also a gemini and libra ascendant can help in understanding, in going along. Conversely, a rising which is opposed to the sign of the leo and then an aquarius can accentuate the diversity of character.

You understand and comprehend so that it is not easy to make a comparison just by knowing the sun sign of two people. Here it would be better to also analyze the two ascendant signs and draw more precise conclusions. So you can better choose a love partner, a friend, a coworker, an employee at work, etc... Select under your sun sign and read with such signs should generally get love and harmony. Happy reading !

Affinity taurus
Affinity gemini
Affinity cancer
Affinity leo
Affinity virgo
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Affinity sagittarius
Affinity capricorn
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