"I'm of the sign of taurus and with what other signs can be in tune?" How to find the right partner to sign the taurus? What is a good match with this sign? How else sign the taurus can have affinity in love, money and work? The sign of taurus with those who can and can not get love and harmony? What's taurus horoscope astrological love compatibility with the other 12 zodiac signs? What other zodiac signs are most compatible with taurus? What other signs of the zodiac can find a just understanding the taurus? Who can argue the other hand, argue? What are the signs to avoid the sign of taurus? With what zodiac signs taurus has compatibility and affinity in love and career? Let's figure it out.

Love affinity: can be strangely well with the sign of aquarius even if disputes can be each day or with the sign of cancer, very cuddly. Better to avoid the partner scorpio too passionate, jealous (formerly the bull is so) and the leo instead it can be a very good agreement. A good agreement could be affective with the sign of the gemini although with the passing of time, the shallowness of the latter could disturb the desire for peace, security of the taurus.

Career - money affinity: best to avoid working relationships with aquarius, scorpio and leo while you can find a good agreement with virgo and capricorn that can help in carrying out projects that require commitment, sacrifice and dedication. Even with the gemini you might get along, the important final decisions are taken by the taurus more conscientious.

The table below is calculated taking into account the compatibility only between solar signs. The score for each couple ranges from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10. For example, if between two signs you find a value of 1 then this means that between them there is a very low probability of getting along in different sectors and therefore in work, in love and also on an intimate level. Keep in mind that it is a generic table and that therefore a true affinity and compatibility between two people can only be calculated through a synastry and that is through the in-depth study of the birth themes of the two people involved. But this table is a good starting point and you will see that you will find yourself very much in it. You will also find different scores when you go to cross a sign taken from the column with an early sign from the row. For example, if you look for the affinity between Aries and Gemini and take the first sign from the left column while the sign from the top row, you will read a score of 8 while if you do the opposite and then Gemini and Aries you will find the score of 7. This is because in the column there are the solar signs of men while in the row the solar signs of women. Therefore, with reference to the example, the first configuration concerns an Ariete man and a Gemelli woman, while the second configuration concerns a Gemini man and an Ariete woman. Here is the reason for some different scores, in this case first 8 and then 7. The Aries man is slightly different from the Aries woman and so for the Twins and the other remaining signs.



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