"How is my nature or that of a person knowing the color-matched to your zodiac sun sign and ascendant? How is a person who wears blue, green or yellow? What colored dress can gift it to an aries, gemini, aquarius, pisces?" What colors match with the signs of the zodiac and where to make and read a simple test on the colors? Discover how you are temperamentally based on your sun sign zodiac, your ascendant and your favorite color. What is the best free online test to know your color based on your sign in the zodiac? The 12 zodiac signs and colors. How to know the right color, suitable, preferred by each zodiac sign through sun sign and ascendant? Learn how you according to your zodiac sign and your favorite color through this simple article. Which color is more a sign of fire as aries, leo, sagittarius? Which color is more for a sign of the earth as taurus, virgo, capricorn? Which color is more for a sign of air as gemini, libra, aquarius? Which color is more for a sign of water as cancer, scorpio, pisces? Here's how to find out the character with an easy test, the best, the colors thanks to the combination of colors and astrological signs of the zodiac. Read then your personality and that of others according to their colors.


Below you can read what colors match the individual signs of the zodiac: aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces. But this is not enough because each one of us also has an influence, and it is critical to understand how a person who wears clothes of a certain color. Then two aquariums may prefer two different colors because have an ascending differently and therefore have a different character as well. Calculate in this page your zodiac ascendant and then return here to discover the favorite colors of your sun sign but also that of the ascendant. After you read the meaning of the colors making it a summary.


Aries: red, orange, yellow

Taurus: green, purple, pink

Gemini: yellow, blue, white

Cancer: lilac, purple, green, silver (gray)

Leo: yellow, orange, gold

Virgo: brown, green, sand

Libra: blue, green

Scorpio: fuchsia, purple, bordeaux, gold, orange, black

Sagittarius: lapis blue, dark red, dark yellow

Capricorn: mustard yellow, brown, dark red

Aquarius: white snow, blue, silver

Pisces: dark green, light blue, white, blue


Test - meaning brown color : serious person, diplomatic, balanced try not to overdo things ever in. Decisive, practical and down-to-earth. Unable to move forward in life with calm without trying to get everything at once. When you can not get something a person can become aggressive. Introverted persons, just being in the company of lovers, nature lovers. Do not tolerate a refusal in love.

Test - meaning red color: great ability as a leader, great chance to make the head, directing a team. They have a lot of strength and courage. They have a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of energy that amaze others. Their head is always full of ideas, even if not all can become real projects because they can get lost on the way. Erotic exceptional although you can turn off right away. Trend egocentrism.

Test - meaning orange color: people are able to carry out many projects because they love interest in many things too different from each other and have passion, perseverance, energy to devote to them. They can change their way of life but above all a way of approaching things if this can come in handy. We note in them a tendency to selfishness.

Test - meaning yellow color: we are faced with a person which includes a very firm to have excellent quality and requires also appear so in the eyes of others. With the color associated with Sun we are faced with people optimistic, jovial, cheerful and love to be with others. But they are quite superficial in feelings, in love, in general affections. Equipped with very creative talent have great ideas but can not easily put into practice.

Test - meaning green color: color typical of people who love to stand with your feet firmly on the ground without imagining castles in the air. Traditionalist and very tidy home, lovers, cleaning persons. Equipped with great practical sense can get amazing results even without resorting to the imagination, the creativity is lacking a bit them.

Test - meaning blue color: many will have heard of the color blue as a color bound to the soul. In fact, the people who love this color, love to dress in clothes of this color, people are very introverted but not closed. Simply like to live a more spiritual life and material. They are thoughtful people and selfless. They can succeed in many jobs thanks to their remarkable creativity but must be careful to bouts of depression and melancholy that can often hit.

Test - meaning violet color: people can understand for sure what they want from their lives. They may also become important people and famous artists and recognized. Pose to life in a serious and determined. The lovers of the purple, violet colors are sensitive and with a big heart people. The waste or problems in love can bring them to life depressive periods.

Test - meaning fuchsia color: those who love this color dualism. It is in fact typical of people who are sweet but also aggressive, but also romantic love in the austere, firm and decisive in the work but also fickle and indecisive. Impress with their charm that can attract easily and therefore are great latin-lover. You may also like meditation, yoga, in short, focus on your inner self.

Test - meaning gray color: we are in front of people and very little decided opportunist that can compromise in many areas of life, especially in love and work. They do not like to take responsibility for things and fail to carry out their projects easily. They do not take place when it is necessary to take it and escape their many possibilities, many favorable opportunities just because of their innate indecisiveness.

Test - meaning black color: the black color is not defined but still characterizes people of a certain type. Lovers of black are generally reluctant to take positions at work, in love but they can be very independent, non-conformist, eager to freedom. Equipped with a strong magnetism can attract to itself many types of people.

Test - meaning white color: is considered the color of undecided people because even the white is not a true color. In truth, the people who love to dress in white have a lot of quality because the color white, it has been established scientifically, it has within it all the other colors. therefore possess many faces, many facets, many qualities, virtues and defects. They are peace-loving people in general as well, nature lovers.

Test - meaning pastel colors: these colors, they are not as strong colors such as red, blue, green and indicate people just unserious that it would be best not to entrust important tasks, especially in the work. They do not have confidence in themselves and in their own quality then do not come out and they are also very little confidence in others and in the world. They can not take place.

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