"I have the ascendant in the sign of scorpio". What does it mean, what does it mean to have the ascendant in the zodiac sign of scorpio? What is the meaning and the characteristics that has the ascendant in scorpio sign? A scorpio with scorpio ascendant is different in terms of character and physique to aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces with scorpio ascendant zodiac sign. Find out by reading below and then make a summary of what you read here with what you have read about your sun sign. You'll find yourself in a lot of things.

Career money - scorpio ascendant: for him are suitable jobs where you need a cool head and spend a lot of energy, and for this example could be a great builder, a great surgeon or butcher. Ruled by Mars in fact the scorpio possesses considerable aggression that must be able to channel the best in some areas of life. Thus tending to anger, anger in the workplace if he insults it, you derime. He knows, however, will be very well by colleagues and employers because it is a very magnetic, with a sixth sense very pronounced. Can do more work together and have different hobbies such as agriculture, gardening, carpentry. So he knows how to earn his daily bread and knows how to spend her money without the need to throw away in useless things. Very real then. Be careful not to get him wrong on the job because it could retaliate while also being very jealous, possessive of his things.

Love - scorpio ascendant: with a remarkable erotic drive knows to be a great lover and a great conqueror dashing due to its magnetism. She loves make-up and conquer their prey with his eyes and with his clothes dark tones, dark. Who owns this rising dramatically improves his skills under the sheets. Woe to betray him (even though he is not so faithful) because you can easily take revenge and be careful who you look because it is very jealous and possessive in the relationship.

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