"I have the ascendant in the sign of pisces". What does it mean, what does it mean to have the ascendant in the zodiac sign of pisces? What is the meaning and the characteristics that has the ascendant in pisces sign? A scorpio with pisces ascendant is different in terms of character and physique to aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces with pisces ascendant zodiac sign. Find out by reading below and then make a summary of what you read here with what you have read about your sun sign. You'll find yourself in a lot of things.

Career money - pisces ascendant: would be good, for his sensitivity, kindness, fantasy, put it to work with children or offer work related to art. It may in fact be a great writer, poet, singer, artist in general. Can not do too much heavy work and manuals would suffer because inside. Jovial person but also can be very idealistic too many castles in the air and can then commit the sin of concreteness and for this reason it is best not to offer him jobs that require analytical skills. Usually does not have a good relationship with money and do not know administer. It can be loved at work and collaborate with others even if they do not like to have too many friends.

Love - pisces ascendant: needs a partner that supports it. It can not be alone and defenseless. He needs affection, cuddling because it is as if he were a child again. He lives in a world of dreams where idealizes his partner away from reality and therefore often remains disappointed. However, it may be very short-tempered when he wants and show the iron fist in love. He does not like to go out much but wish to stay at home to watch movies love with your partner and make and receive caresses. Knows to be true but sometimes too whiner.

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