Ascendant, what's its meaning in a person's birthday theme? What does the descendant indicate in an astral theme, in a sky map? What does it mean to have the zodiacal ascendant in the fire sign of aries, leo, sagittarius, in the earth sign of taurus, virgo, capricorn, in the air sign of, gemini, libra, aquarius or in the water sign of cancer, scorpio, pisces? What is your ascendant? Were you born in the years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 or earlier years and you do not know your zodiacal ascendant? Accurate calculation of your ascendant can be really difficult to do and often there are not good guides. The confusion around the ascendant sign is really a lot. Here's a simple calculation of the zodiacal ascendant online using a table. "But how can I calculate, find my right ascendant of the zodiac? I'm aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces as ascendant? I'm scorpio ascendant cancer. I'm virgo ascendant libra. I'm gemini ascendant pisces. Why am I a nasty or good ascendant zodiacal? On what web site can I determine my exact zodiacal ascendant? How is my ascendant? Can I know my zodiacal ascendant if I do not know my birth town or my exact birthday?" The answer to this last question is no. Calculate your ascendant online only by knowing these parameters and geographic values. What is the significance of the ascendant sign in the zodiac and in the study of a person's birth theme and thus in the study of a person's character? What is the best ascendant sign of the zodiac? The precise calculation of a zodiacal ascendant for Liz Greene, Rob Brezsny and many other astrologers, is very important, crucial to understanding a person's character. A man born under aries sign ascendant taurus is completely different from a man born under aries sign but with ascendant gemini.

Zodiacal ascendant and free calculation. An exact definition of ascendant is: The zodiac sign that rises at the time of the birth of a person on the horizon in the East. The exact point of the ascendant is calculated taking into account the time, latitude and longitude of the place of birth. Significance and interpretation of ascendant sign are fundamental to understanding how a person moves, how he acts, what types of decisions he takes in his life when he has to make a choice. Ascendant is synonymous with means to move forward in life. The ascendant, in the zodiac, opposes the descendant. Ascendant and descendant, what is the difference? The ascendant marks the beginning of the first astrological home while the descendant indicates the seventh astrological home and often involves sentimental unions, labor agreements, marriage and various relationships that a person creates throughout his life. But how can you do it to calculate, find, discover, accurately determine our ascendant zodiac sign?


With a simple example we can understand how it is possible to calculate the ascendant sign for each person. We were born in the hours 7:15 am morning day and onJune 7. The year does not interest us for the calculations we will make. We read the sidereal table here and we cross the 7th day (left column) with the month of June. You can read the value16,59. Now let's add to it the birth hour that it becomes 7,15 (7 and a quarter of morning; If they were 7 and a quarter of an evening then they would be at 19:15 and then we would sum it up to 19,15). Then 16,59 + 7,15 = 23,74.

Below, in the table Ascendant let's find out in what range the value falls 23,74. It falls into the range of the cancer sign that is therefore the ascendant of the person born on June 7 at 7:15 in the morning. So the person is exactly gemini with ascendant cancer. If the value that is out of the calculation exceeds 24 then subtract the number 24. So for example, if the calculations out of the value 24,75 subtracting 24 we get the value 0,75 and then we find that the ascendant is in the lion. It is also necessary to consider it the summer time. The calculation refers in fact to the solar time. If you were born at a time when there was summer time then you have to subtract an hour from the calculation. So for example, from the calculation found above (23,74) you have to subtract 1 to obtain, therefore, the value of 22,74. To know if at the time of your birth there was a summer time then go here. For any question, any problem with the ascendant's calculation, write to us and we'll try to respond right away.

Aries from 18 h 01' to 19 h 00' Librafrom 6 h 01' to 8 h 43'
Taurus from 19 h 01' to 20 h 17' Scorpiofrom 8 h 44' to 11 h 25'
Gemini from 20 h 18' to 22 h 08' Sagittarius from 11 h 26' to 13 h 53'
Cancer from 22 h 09' to 0 h 34' Capricorn from 13 h 54' to 15 h 43'
Leo from 0 h 35' to 3 h 17' Aquarius from 15 h 44' to 17 h 00'
Virgo from 3 h 18' to 6 h 00' Pisces from 17 h 01' to 18 h 00'

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