What is the time in different foreign countries then outside the italian borders? What are the weather forecasts for the regions of France and its provinces such as Marseille, Paris, Lyon? What's the current weather in Germany in Bonn, Frankfurt, Berlin, Dortmund, Hamburg? What are the weather conditions for the U.S. city of Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Las Vegas? What time is now in Brazil, Argentina, Australia or Japan? Today we see how do you know the weather forecast in all cities, regions Italian and foreign. The best free online real time weather conditions and forecasts in Italy and all around the world here now. The complete real-time status of the weather in Italy and in the world. This is due to the possibility offered by the site ILMETEO.IT that allows you to use its special scripts on other sites.

The script was added below it allows you to see a wild fantastic animation time for Italy, Europe but also for foreign countries in a completely simple. For example, for Italy choose the tab and then choose from the menu to see if the forecast for today, tomorrow or in the days to follow. At this point you can choose the region, the province of residence and your comne to read in a very detailed information on what the weather is temperatures on the minimum and maximum percentages of precipitation of rain and seas and winds.

The weather forecast for today

The weather forecast for tomorrow

Forecast in Italy and in the World

Weather forecast winds and seas

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