I do not know where to see and read the daily weather, animated weather daily, weather for time slots, the situation in real time, the weather detailed and condition of the seas and winds throughout Italy and the world? They look more often on TV weather forecasts that movie today. Knowing the current and future weather conditions and at 1, 2 , 3, 5 , 15, 30 days can really afford to organize outings , outdoor work , parties, etc ... But how do you know , read, see the daily weather in real time for any region, city italian and foreign relation then to Eastern Europe or the Extra? How to know where the winds are blowing and how fast blow? The best daily weather in real time for any italian and foreign cities free online here now. How and where to read the minimum and maximum temperatures for a given city with the possibility to read the forecast for heavy rain? There are many websites that allows to observe the weather forecast online for free , and one of best sites to watch the weather forecast in real time is ILMETEO.IT. "How and where can I see the weather forecast for the Puglia region and then to the city of Bari, Foggia, Lecce, Brindisi, Barletta, Taranto, Monopoly, Altamura but also to cities like Rome, Milan, Perugia, Oslo, London, Madrid, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Barcelona and for all cities of Italy and all around the world?" What are the best weather for the city of Messina, Città Della Pieve, Cosenza, La Spezia, Latin America? What are the weekly forecasts, for one or two weeks, for the next week of Reggio Calabria, Reggio Emilia, Lombardy on or Liguria? Where to find a weather service always and constantly updated with the forecast for today, tomorrow, for the month of ? Do you want to know the weather in Ireland, England, Brazil why you need to go on a trip? You have to go to Los Angeles, Brussels, Geneva and want to be well informed boobies weather conditions?

Thanks to the site ILMETEO.IT we can offer here in a totally free service that allows you to view the weather daily, tomorrow and for days to come, for each region, province and municipality, with the ability to read the minimum and maximum temperatures, the quadrant where blowing winds and their speed, the possibility of precipitation. Choose your region, province and municipality and enjoy this beautiful animation courtesy of ILMETEO.IT

The weather forecast for today

The weather forecast for tomorrow

Forecast in Italy and in the World

Weather forecast winds and seas

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