Mars in the zodiac sign Scorpio has a meaning in astrology only related to the sexuality, work and energy of a person, man or woman that is or even to his anger, aggression? Do the affinities between male and female in love also affect Mars? What meanings does Mars take with her when she falls into a certain sign in our natal astrological theme? If Mars is in the sign of Scorpio on the day of our birth, what does it mean for us? What does it mean, what does it mean to have Mars in this sign in your birth chart? What are the characteristics of those born with the red planet Mars in the sign of Scorpio in the astral birth chart and in one of the 12 astrological houses? Can you calculate the position of your Mars at birth? If you have calculated this position and it falls into one of the 30 degrees of the Scorpio sign then you can read the meaning here, discovering more information about your character. Mars in Scorpio in the birth chart can in fact bring certain meanings to match that of the other planets present in the sky chart to be able to draw up an account of a person's character as specific and precise as possible. "How can I know what the meaning of Mars is in the Scorpio sign? How are they if Mars is in Scorpio on the subject of personal birth? How are they on a sexual level like Mars in this sign? For what jobs am I brought if I have Mars in this sign?" Mars is, in astrology, a symbol of a person's strength, a force that can be used in the sexual sphere but also in the field of work and in relationships with others. A person's more or less pronounced aggression is given by Mars. Let's try to understand the meaning of Mars in Scorpio.

Mars in Scorpio - meaning: it is in this sign that Mars can find an escape route to lead to war. You are warm-born, in fact, and you are really very dangerous if they make you angry. Already jealous and possessive in itself woe to those who make a tripping of it. Mars finds its sign as governor in the scorpion and therefore its vital forces are at the extreme and if misused, if for example in the natal chart Mars is ill disposed towards Saturn or Pluto of birth, we can be in front of the typical individual who commits even terrible crimes because its aggressiveness is at its maximum but above all badly channeled. In fact it is not said that whoever has Mars in scorpion uses his energy in negative, on the contrary you can become excellent surgeons, butchers, carpenters, sculptors. In fact the ideal jobs are those in which the energy is released physically, it comes out almost completely until it exhausts the individual but then knows how to recharge very quickly. Be careful not to offend the people you talk to, because even in communication you can misdirect these energies of the red planet. In bed you are magnetic pier, great conquerors and wonderful lovers with a unique erotic sensibility.


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