"I am of the chinese zodiac sign of the Dog. How will the new year for me ?". How will the new year 2018 for the chinese sign of the Dog ? If after calculating your chinese sign in this page have discovered that they were born in the year of the Dog, then here you will find the predictions for the new year 2018. To the sign of the Dog, chinese horoscope predictions and general for the year 2018. What the best 2018 year predictions and horoscope for the chinese sign of the Dog ? The sign of the Dog will be lucky this year ? How will the year of the Dog in love, luck, work and money ? Discover it now by reading below forecasts divided for love, work-money and luck.

Love - Dog 2018 year : you are blessed because you have come into a period expected to be well around 12 years. 2018 is the year of the Dog and you can be very happy because this year will be positive also and especially in the emotional and sentimental sector. If you are in a couple, if you have someone at your side then the love for it will grow, yourself you will feel more loved and courted and together with your love partner you will really make a thousand projects, you can decide to get married, going to live together, to make peace if you had a fight and you can also decide to have a baby or to move house. And who is looking for a new love then you should get busy during this important year because the star of love will shine high in the sky for many months and finally you will learn about a person that will make your heart beat very strong. Best wishes.

Career money - Dog 2018 year : are you looking for a new job? Well then do interviews, send resume and never give up because this can be the turning point for you. You can find a job suited to your needs, start to take a new job in the street especially if you are self-employed and you get so much money thanks to your efforts. For people born under this sign it will be much easier to find a new job or leave a job you do not like more to try a new more interesting place of work and that showcases your skills as you are very extroverted person, to sometimes very strange. Gains on the increase but if you start a new career path even then the charges will be high enough.

Luck - Dog 2018 year : if luck does not see you this year then you do not understand anything. Then you're one of the lucky chinese zodiac signs of this 2018 especially in the second half of the year when they can get there a lot of things that do not come from your hard work and commitment, but falling from the sky without you have done anything. You will have the intuition to make good investments both in real estate and is in the financial sector but try always to check before the cards that ask you to sign. The ideal is the purchase of a new home in this period especially if you have to decide to get married. So luck is always on your side and for several months.




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