Smell in dreams. Perfume in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of feeling one's own smell or dreaming of smelling someone's ass, maybe an animal? What does it mean to dream of opening and sniffing a small bottle of perfume in a shop or inside our house? What does it mean to dream of smelling different foods, feeling one's own smell, not feeling any odor, feeling a pleasant or unpleasant odor in the armpits or coming from the mouth? Why is it possible to dream of sniffing someone's hair, of an unknown man or woman, of a dead person, of a dead person, a friend's feet, the fur of a dog or cat that stinks or smells? What is the meaning of the odors of dreams? Why can we dream of smelling, sniffing, aspiring, sniffing, smelling, perceiving, feeling, feeling smells, smells, perfumes at great distances? What does it mean to dream of spraying a good fragrance at home or a bad deodorant, essence, balm? Feeling a sweet and tender fragrance, aroma, effluvium or a terrible smell, stink, smell, stench that makes us vomit. What does it mean to dream of sniffing feet, hair, various perfumes, colorful flowers like roses, orchids, daisies? What does it mean to dream of sniffing something with our mother, our father, brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, relative, uncle, mother-in-law, grandfather, friend or work colleague? Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play to experience the thrill of a small or big win if in a dream I smell a very strange smell, according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? "Tonight I remember dreaming of being with my husband and daughter in a perfumery and opening a bottle and some bottles. I wanted to buy, buy a very expensive perfume, with a particular essence but my husband and my daughter did not want to. The other night I dreamed that I was with a deceased person for many years who gave me beautiful, very fragrant flowers. Last night I dreamed of seeing Our Lady, the angels, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the smell I felt was very beautiful. Last night I dreamed of giving a perfume to my girlfriend for her birthday". Perhaps many of you think that in our dreams our five senses do not work but this is a huge mistake. We can confirm that even the sense of smell is active in the dream world and therefore we can dream of smelling, we can dream of feeling a scent or a bad smell.


All the five senses are fundamental in our life. The sight, the hearing, the touch, the taste and also the smell. Certainly dreaming of eating, of touching or seeing something, of hearing a voice, a noise, a music in a dream is a very widespread thing, but to smell is not a widespread thing. In fact, among the five senses, just the smell is little used in our dream world but its use can have a much more interesting meaning. First of all, to understand why we can smell something in a dream, we have to start from everyday life. The smells are different from the smell, In fact there are bad smells and good smells, even if, very often, a perfume that for a person is very good, for another person corresponds to a bad smell, often unbearable. In life, then, we can find people who love perfumes and people who instead hate perfuming and even a small perfume generates, in them, a strong feeling of malaise, headaches. Bad smells such as burning plastic or garbage stink can even be very harmful to our health. From these small concepts we can try to interpret the use of smell in our dreams. First of all, when we dream of smelling something, then we are becoming aware of a situation. Feeling an odor or a smell in a dream means, in fact, understanding a situation, realizing a problem that must be solved or understanding that we are living a good situation. If the smell, therefore, is a bad smell, then we have perhaps understood that someone is damaging us or we are facing a problem, we are becoming aware of a problem. But what does this problem refer to? Clearly to provide a fair interpretation to these very special and little-widespread dreams, we must remember the objects we see in dreams, the feelings we experience, the emotions we experience, the people we meet and talk to and the places we are in . Every detail is never a little influential but it can be very important.

The awareness of a situation, of an event. For example, we can dream of being with a person who attracts us so much in our lives and that we would like to court and here we dream of some flowers that generally can indicate the birth of a feeling. If the smell that comes from flowers or plants is very pleasant to the dreamer, then the subconscious communicates that he is really in love. But when the smell is a bad smell and causes us a bad feeling, then, probably, we are making a mistake. These dreams can be very useful when we have to face a problem at work or in our relationship of love or in a family context. The smell in the dream almost always signals a situation that we are experiencing and that should not be so. Maybe we are not happy about the way some situations are developing, we are unhappy, sad, pessimistic and that the bad smell of a flower can represent a sentimental difficulty, a complex love situation that must be solved if we do not want the things can get worse. For example, the dreamer could have a bad relationship with his parents or children and dream of smelling their body, their feet, hands, armpits, hair and their face. Smelling someone in a dream signals interpersonal relationships that can be positive and negative. A bad smell that we hear coming from a person who is perhaps our mother or our father, means that the relationship with our parents is not exceptional, the relationship addresses some problems, maybe dialogue is difficult and communication becomes increasingly complex to manage. The same thing can happen when we dream of sniffing our children. The relationship with them can be good or not and all this also depends on the sensation that the perfume causes in us.

Certainly one of the most terrible dreams that can happen, even if fortunately it is a dream not widespread among the people, is the one in which the dreamer finds a dead person, buried, maybe under the ground and in a coffin and feels a terrible smell, the classic it stinks from a decomposing body. In these cases, even, it is also possible to vomit in dreams and vomiting indicates the rejection of a situation we are experiencing and we are forced to live. The terrifying stench, the bad smell that a rotting body emanates, is a wake-up call for the dreamer who probably faces a change in his life, a change that he does not want to accept. Death in a dream indicates the end of a situation for the beginning of a new path, of a new event and the smell instead signals that this change is not desired and therefore could be useless and even dangerous. But often we have to face necessary changes, indispensable in our earthly existence that can lead to small or big sacrifices. In this sense these dreams can leave a bad memory when we wake up but have a message that in the end is positive for the dreamer. Before concluding we would also like to talk about another very important meaning that refers to dreams in which we smell someone, feel a terrible smell or feel a bad smell coming from our house or even from ourselves, then from our body. Washing is essential in everyday life and not only to feel clean but also to avoid any diseases, infections and therefore health problems. So that feeling a bad smell coming from ourselves can mean having some small physical or even mental discomfort or not feeling up to some situations. When we are with a person and we know we have a bad smell, we feel shame, embarrassment and here in the dream these bad smells can signal pessimism, a low level of self-esteem, the fear of not being appreciated by other people.


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