What does it want to say when a tooth falls in dream? What does it mean to dream of seeing a clogged tooth, to go to the doctor to make a shutter to a bad tooth? "Which meant it hides the dream in which I lose a tooth or I go to the dentist? Why do I dream to have a denture? Why do I often dream that my teeth break him or they fall or they are decayed? Why dream the teeth that bleed or that they do me very bad? Last night I have dreamt that my incisive tooth was splintery and swung. I have tried to throw him/it but it did very bad. The past night I washed my teeth in dream with toothpaste and tooth brush because they were black, indeed very dirty. This night I have seen that one canine tooth of mine was broken and I has been afraid. Why do I dream to have false teeth or to have a gold tooth or silver? Why have I seen my father, my mother, my brother, my sister, my grandfather, my fiancé, my husband, my child with the ruined teeth? If I dream a dead person that talks to the teeth that are completely black thing does it mean?" What's the meaning of the dreams with the teeth? What does it mean to dream to see to the mirror and to observe indeed a marvelous smile with white teeth, clean and that they shine? What it wants to say when a tooth loses blood? When a tooth falls in thick dream we wake up there with so much worry but we must not be afraid because any person will die. We see therefore to understand the meaning of the dreams in which our teeth are protagonists.


Therefore, according to an ancient tradition the teeth are connected to the death when one of them fall in dream. If we for instance dream that a tooth falls then from our mouth it is very probable that a relative runs into the death. But the things are not this way. To dream the loss of a tooth, its fall, its breakup, etc... it is very diffused indeed among the people and therefore the meaning is to seek elsewhere and not in her death of a person that we know. The teeth and therefore our smile they are very important when we talk to someone. In fact the people that have the crooked teeth, decayed or ruined they have a sense of uneasiness when you must smile or to speak. Here that in dream a person that has ugly teeth can want to say that he is living a moment of uneasiness in the life, the dreamer therefore you doesn't feel him to its ease when you is together to other people. When a tooth that is ruined perhaps falls then a change you is arriving in the life of the dreamer that can be enough difficult to face above all if the tooth that falls ago very bad or it loses blood. The teeth that are not beautiful in dream are almost always the symbol of an uneasiness that the dreamer lives in the real life, uneasiness that can be in the job, in love, in the family and therefore it needs to know how to converse with all the people that surround us and with which have problems of communication. Here now under other meanings that concern the teeth.

Loss of a tooth in dream: energies miss and we feel there very tired. It perhaps needs to close a professional or sentimental relationship.

Incisive that fall in dream: our timidity is very elevated and doesn't make us live well creating different problems in the communication with other people.

Canine that forgives him in dream: we have difficulty to perhaps bring forth a working or affective relationship to cause of an exaggerated jealousy from the partner of job or love.

Decayed, black, breakdowns teeth in dream: we are facing a problem that however we can easily overcome.

Gold teeth in dream: a great occasion of profit or a very important event in any sector of life can happen.

False teeth in dream: a period in which you are too much narcissists and you believe to be you the best people but it is not is perhaps living this way.

To wash the teeth in dream and to see them white: positive dream that a great wish points out to go on to the life and to make good things. We are very definite.

Dirty teeth in dream: we are indeed little optimists and we are afraid to face the people because we think about not being approved for what we are.

Teeth that grow in dream: physical and mental energy grows and we feel there very optimist. Life smiles at us and good occasions arrive to be able to exploit.

Torn teeth, thrown by someone in dream: perhaps someone whom is next to you is oppressing us to us and we don't feel there free to do what we want.

Being from the dentist in dream: we need a help to resolve the problems that are in our life.



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