What is the most widespread dream among people? What is the strangest dream you did during the night? What is the most horrible, horrible, horrible dream you ever did in your life? What are the most frightening dreams? What are the dreams that are remembered and are happening very often? I dreamed that a tooth breaks. When does a dreamy dagger fall to a person whom we know can die in the real street? Absolutely not. Dreamy teeth are really widespread. Dreaming of breaking a tooth or dreaming about losing your teeth or even dreaming that your teeth break. How many times have this dream come true that can be very scary? But what is hidden behind these dreams? A beautiful, chunky or black tooth is broken in half in the dream, and we immediately wake up with a heart that fights fast for fear. Dreaming of another person's teeth falling or teeth falling from his mouth with so much blood. Dreaming of losing teeth in front of and behind, dreaming of falling baby teeth or dreaming of losing a molar tooth but without pain. And when do we dream of snatching a tooth when we dream of pulling a tooth with a clamp or pulling some teeth, maybe an incisor or a canine? Why can you dream of snatching, pulling, taking off your teeth? "Last night I dreamed that my teeth are broken. Which betting numbers can I play? This night I dreamed of breaking a tooth. I dreamed that two teeth were broken that they did not care". It is often easy to dream of a child or child with broken and broken teeth. Teeth that hurt and hurt, what meaning do they bring to us from the dream world? The dreams in which we are faced with a mirror and our mouth drops a tooth that maybe is whole and healthy, can really bring terror into us.


Some people believe that when in a dream a tooth falls, there may be the death of a dear person or a distant relative. Fortunately this thing is not true, it's a lie, a stupid and ancient superstition. But why are the teeth so widespread in our dreams? Easy to understand. Teeth in real life are really very important because they serve to eat but also to appear. How important is it to have a fair smile with straight and healthy teeth in your mouth? Especially at work or in sentimental relationships having a good smile makes people very safe. Well then, then When in our dreams we are facing a mirror and we see that in our mouth the teeth are broken, broken or chipped and also crooked, then we do not accept our way of presenting ourselves to other people. We are therefore very insecure people, at least at some time in our life. Having a beautiful smile with no caries and white teeth obviously indicates that we are experiencing a period when we feel really safe. Maybe in real life we have a very toothed teeth but in dream we realize we have great teeth. These dreams tell the dreamer that a much better period of what is happening can take place and that you have to dare to do things. In fact, if from our mouth or a healthy or caring tooth comes out blood, it means that we are in a phase of our life where physical and mental energies are lacking.

But why do some people dream of breaking their teeth? Why can we break some teeth or break them? Why do we want to hurt us in the dream? The pain that can break a tooth or its extraction is really terrible and so this kind of dreams indicates a strong desire in our life to abandon a situation, to divert a person, a road that is not positive for we. Removing a ruined and then crippled tooth or laundry or perhaps broken by our mouth is in fact a dream of liberation. Perhaps we have understood that a person in our lives must be away or we must stay away from a situation that can be dangerous to us. For example, if in a dream we remove a tooth from our mouth and in the same dream is our sentimental partner, then maybe our love story does not go on as we would like. And if the tooth we take off in the dream is a healthy tooth, not broken or broken? We are probably experiencing a situation in our life that is good for us but we do not understand this. So the dream warns us not to take a wrong path.

Very often the boys dream of losing their milk teeth. Of course these dreams in most cases, indicate a period of change in the boy's life. For example, you are moving from a childish phase to an adolescent phase. But why can we dream of losing an incisive tooth or a molar tooth or even a canine tooth? All these teeth are fundamental to the chewing of food, so in a dream their fall is the signal that something does not go in our lives and we can not do something that we would rather do. A tooth that breaks, breaks, falls is almost always related to a change in our life that is going to happen and that should never be underestimated. it is also possible to dream to see a tooth or some teeth that are born or grow up to become beautiful teeth, really bright and very white. These dreams indicate an opportunity, an opportunity for change that is about to come to our lives and of course is a very positive change. It should also be said that many people dream of having teeth of gold or teeth completely black or dream of going to the dentist. To understand this kind of dreams, we invite you to deepen the subject of dreamy teeth by reading this article:



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