Guess everything or almost everything with the cards of the Tarot, Sibyls, Runes, Angels, Iching. Each of us is always very curious about their future which is something very uncertain. This is why we often decide to rely on the divinatory arts, therefore on some games that, through the reading and interpretation of cards and various objects, offer the possibility of understanding how our future could be. Guessing the future is not easy, indeed it requires a lot of study, a lot of commitment and an innate sensitivity. The reading of the cards and the predictions on the personal future they are not easy things to put into practice. In fact, in order to understand how a given situation can evolve in the following days, weeks, months or even years, it is necessary first of all to know deeply the person who is the object of the situation, his qualities, strengths and weaknesses, his characteristics, then evaluate the environment of work, the family in which this person lives and acts and understand very well the human mind, the psychology of the heart and reason of every human being. Psychics and magicians who try to guess the future of those who come to them often lack these skills, have not studied over the years and therefore turn out to be very often charlatans, untrustworthy people who just want to make money, ruining their customers. The best thing to do in order not to be deceived by these people is have fun with the reading of tarot cards, the sibyls of the gypsy, the cards of the angels, the Celtic runes, the iching, without spending money. Here in this article you will find, exactly below, a series of links to try to guess your future in an absolutely light, simple, fun way and without taking seriously what tarot cards and other games can indicate. We must not forget that each of us does not have a predestined future but that is built on the basis of their choices and decisions, the environment in which we live and the people around us, as well as a series of unpredictable events that make part of the life of each of us. For this reason it is really impossible to try to understand what may happen in the future even if the in-depth knowledge of one's character, one's abilities, strengths and weaknesses, the environment and the family in which we live, can provide us with useful information on the way to go and therefore on the future that we should face. So here is a series of very pleasant games that use the Marseille tarot cards, the sibyls of the gypsy, the figures of angels, the ancient Celtic runes and the very famous Chinese iching, to interpret and predict the personal future. Have fun and I recommend that you always believe in yourself by living the present with determination.