What are the names and symbols of the 64 hexagrams of I Ching, known as the Book of Changes ? How and where to read the past, present and future with the I Ching ? You do not know where to make a consultation with the game of I Ching or The King online, for free without paying anything ? Where you can read the oracle of I Ching online without spending money ? Consult the oracle and forecasts of I Ching on Are you looking for a website where you can have a free reading of I Ching on love or at work ? "What they say today I Ching for me in the work and in the emotional and sentimental ? What response they give me I Ching for today regarding money and gains but also for luck ? It will be a lucky day for me as I Ching ?" We see today how to make a simple reading of I Ching Free online love, work, money, and luck. Consult the oracle of I Ching is very simple but we will not do with the famous method of 3 coins. In fact, the method of 3 coins requires several launches, six per symbol for forming lines. It takes a lot of concentration because this method of divination is not as tarots or sibille of the gypsy. I Ching in fact are useful for advice, we provide some tips to make sure that what we think (the question to the oracle) return in a positive and favorable to us and we must not abuse the game. Ask a question every now and do not make the same question or the response will not be truthful. The game of I Ching uses the concept of Ying and Yang, then the concept of good and evil Here you can read the full story of I Ching. Meanwhile, below you can find a link to go see all 64 symbols with their names.


The consultation is really very simple. Write the question in the dry box below and click the button "Answer". By clicking on each of the 3 square blacks will come out, instead of the 3 squares, symbols and designs of 3 I Ching. Next to each symbol you can read her performance and you have to understand the meaning by associating it to the area that interests you. The first symbol about the past and then interpreted what is said in the past, the present and the second the third the future.

Concentrate and write your question here :

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