But having the planet Venus of birth in the sign of water Pisces what does it mean, what affinity can be found in man as in woman, in male as in female? What is the meaning behind Venus in our birth chart, in our astrological chart? How is a person who has Venus in the astrological sign of Pisces in love, in feelings, in affections and from which model of man or woman is attracted, how he loves, how is he faithful? What does it mean to have Venus in Pisces in your birth chart? What characteristics has who possesses Venus in the sign Pisces in his astral theme at the time of his birth? "I have Venus in Pisces in my astral birth chart and then how do I live my feelings? Am I romantic or not? My son, my boyfriend, my partner, my wife, my co-worker, a friend of mine has natal Venus in Pisces. Is it a favorable sign or not? What value does a Venus of birth in Pisces have?" But what are the meanings of a twin Venus in the birth chart of a man or a woman? Venus often concerns the way we behave in love, how we manifest our feelings towards our partner, how faithful or not we can be, cold or affectionate and sweet in communicating our warmth.

Venus in Pisces - meaning: the typical position of the romantic person with a capital letter. You know how to give love, you know how to offer yourself to your partner in everything and for everything, but be careful not to fall victim to deception, to your knowing how to love, to know how to give yourself. Sometimes you are too simple, you believe too much the chatter your partner can tell you and you can't understand where the truth is and where the lie. Your imagination fantasizes of utopian loves very often, of loves closer to the world of films than to the real world. You must try to be more concrete in love and not to give too much trust to the partner; therefore, be a little jealous and possessive. Excellent Venus for artists and musicians.


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