What does it mean to have Saturn against? Who explains to me what it means to have Saturn against? Unlike Jupiter, Saturn in the zodiac, better in the birth horoscope, is considered the evil planet par excellence but why? Let us say immediately that this label has no reason to exist, to exist. Saturn in Pisces in a person's birth theme is therefore evil and brings bad luck? Certainly not. Saturn is linked to seriousness, wisdom, the ability to discern useful things from useless ones in life and in a given moment of it. Saturn therefore makes us grow, makes us more mature and these are certainly not unfavorable and evil aspects, are they not? But what does it mean to have Saturn in the Pisces sign in our birth chart? What does it mean when in an astral theme of a man or woman, boy or girl we find Saturn, the planet of time (Cronos) in Pisces? What energies and events can develop in life? "What affinities do I have with other people if my birth Saturn falls into the sign Pisces? What features do I have if I found Saturn natal in Pisces? If I discover that Saturn is in the sign Pisces what future awaits me, what kind of character do I have?" This planet takes about two and a half years to pass from one sign to another and therefore when you are born many other children born before, together or after you, possess Saturn in Pisces, so we must not give much importance to this position but rather try to mix its meanings with the aspects it forms with other planets in the birth chart, noting also the meaning of the house in which it lies at birth.

Saturn in Pisces - meaning: even here the planet of time can help the person to be less dreamer, less imaginative but more realistic. It makes you open your eyes and it doesn't make you dazzle. Your living too much in the dream world, believing your fantasies is then diminished, reduced and this can be good for many of you. Generally given that the planet governor of the sign of fish is Jupiter and that leads to obesity, this Saturn instead leads the person to always have a good physical structure. In addition Saturn curbs the desire to escape with the use of drugs or alcohol since the second ruler of the fish is the planet Neptune. The child with this configuration in the birth chart often finds himself having a father who falls into vices like smoking, alcohol, drugs but who above all can be an artist, a poet, a musician, a writer.


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