But what does it mean have the Moon of birth in the sign of air Libra? What meaning does the Moon hide in our birth chart? How is a person who possesses the Moon in the zodiac sign Libra and what kind of man or woman is attracted, prefers, research in his life? What does it mean to have the Moon in Libra in your birth chart? What are the characteristics of those who own the Moon in the Libra sign in its birth theme? "I have the Moon in Libra in my astral birth chart and it was in a growing phase, what does it mean, what character do I have? And if it was in a decreasing phase or Full Moon or New? My son, my girlfriend, my wife, my co-worker has the natal moon in Libra. Is it a favorable sign or not? What is the value of a birth moon in Libra?" But what are the meanings of a Libra Moon in the birth chart of a man or a woman? The Moon often concerns the type of woman or man who attracts us, to whom we are brought and also the relationship we have with women and in particular with our mother. It also indicates our sensitivity and our hidden subconscious side. If you don't know how to calculate your birth Moon then go here and figure it out to find out where it was at the time of your birth, then come back here.

Moon in Libra - meaning: you can find the right balance in the things of life, especially in work and love relationships. We are looking for an affective partner who has a sense of taste and is correct. This partner must be faithful, sincere, be always available both in happy moments and in those less happy and above all the partner that he seeks must have strong diplomatic qualities and be a great deal to do. His manifestation of sensitivity is also balanced, which is therefore never exaggerated but which manages to find a right understanding. It would really be an excellent work colleague always correct and willing to help others but then there is the problem that perhaps demands more than what he has given.


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