Have you calculated, found, discovered that you have Mercury in Libra in your astral chart? What meaning does the planet Mercury carry with it when it is positioned at a given sign like the zodiac sign Libra in the astrological birth chart of a person? Why is Mercury in astrology linked to an individual's intelligence, his way of talking and communicating? What does it mean to have Mercury in the sign Libra in your birth chart and with what other signs do you have positive affinity in general in work as in love? What basic characteristics does a man or woman have, a male or a female born with the planet Mercury positioned in Libra at the time of its birth? Mercury in Libra in the birth chart talks about many things and tells us even if a person is inclined to often say the truth or the lie, the lie. Very often if a person is prone to betrayal one can understand from this astrological position. "I have Mercury at birth in the sign of Libra, what does that mean? If the planet Mercury is in Libra what kind of intelligence do I have and how do I communicate? Who tells me how to calculate the position of the planet Mercury in my birth chart? Do I have to trust a person with Mercury by birth in the Libra sign?" Let's try to explain the meanings of the planet in this particular sign.

Mercury in Libra - meaning: you know how to argue, you know how to speak in public, with friends. You are never aggressive in the way of putting yourself or rather you are very balanced. Your intelligence is at the service of a thirst for justice that dwells within you. Excellent studies related to areas such as jurisprudence. In this sign Mercury describes a person who is very balanced in his way of speaking and expressing himself and who is hardly offensive in his speeches, rather with his words he tries to always be diplomatic and to make all those who participate in the dialogue agree. Sometimes in fact his oratory diplomacy can make him dislikes of many because he almost never manages to choose which side to take. His intelligence makes him suitable for jobs related to the diplomatic sector but also to the judiciary and political sector. Sincerity is very important for people marked by this configuration and they hardly say lies unless they have this Mercury weakened by aspects that are not as good as a quadrature or opposition with Venus or Mars.


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