Jupiter is a very important planet in the study of one's birth horoscope or also called birth chart. It is often considered the planet of success, a benevolent planet, positive and bearer of luck but is it always like this? Of course not because it depends a lot on its birth position, on the aspects it forms with the other planets and therefore it can also become a dangerous planet that leads to excess. If we found Jupiter in the Pisces sign in our birth chart what is its meaning? Jupiter in the Pisces in the astral theme of a person is positive or negative, brings luck or misfortune, creates affinity with which people, men or women they are? What is the precise, exact meaning of the planet Jupiter in the Pisces in the birth chart? "What character do I have if I was born with Jupiter in the Pisces and what physical aspect I have? How to calculate the native position of Jupiter in my astral theme at the time of my coming to the world? If I have Jupiter in the Pisces, am I subject to excess in drinking (alcohol) and in eating or in other particular vices?" And yes because Jupiter is also linked to obesity, therefore to food and drinking and also to problems of water retention. Excesses at the table but also in smoking and other vices such as gambling, are often indicated by Jupiter in the birth theme even if it is necessary to know its exact position in one of the 12 astrological houses and the aspects that it forms with others natal planets.

Jupiter in Pisces - meaning: in a friendly sign Jupiter does nothing but enhance the imaginative, sensorial and creative qualities of fish. Luck from everything related to art, painting, music. In dreams you can find the key to success. Jupiter is one of the planets governors of the sign of fish and therefore enhances the qualities of this sign. We can find ourselves in front of very altruistic, sweet and sentimental people, with many friendships that can bring good fortune in life and few people who want evil. Gifted therefore with a great sensitivity, generosity towards others and expansion can succeed in various fields but above all where help to others is essential (for example nurses, doctors, veterinarians). Even great artists have a Jupiter so positioned. Often dreams are made too utopian and therefore cannot be realized in everyday life. Sex life is bad and you have to be careful not to overdo it with food, alcohol and various vices like smoking. So be careful not to put on weight.


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