Which character sides of a person born under the Oak celtic zodiac sign? How are people born under the sign of Oak? What basic features, pros and cons owns Oak celtic horoscope? With which another celtic sign goes in harmony the Oak? We see now features, merits and defects of celtic zodiac sign of Oak.

They are excellent colaboratori but mostly they know and help guide others being very generous. The important that you give them leeway, it gives them freedom of action. They are among the most durable signs of the zodiac and celtic can be with your feet firmly on the ground and very tenacious and persevering when it comes to achieving a goal. But sometimes they can show too much stubbornness. Woe to not leave it free to move as he wants because it could become very aggressive. Although it has a high sense of justice. The Oaks are really people to admire.

Big their self-esteem but sometimes sin of selfishness when it should step aside do not understand it and insist on situations that players can not see them. They are always at the center del'attenzione others and show love, to show what they are capable of. It is a sign that likes to be courted then, that he was the prey rather than the predator. He knows how to get noticed also because it is generally a very charming and elegant in dress. He prefers, however, to have strong relationships with partners altrettando like him.

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