What's your celtic sign? Are you of the Fig celtic sign? Well then on this page you can read how it goes, as it will be the day today and tomorrow in a general way for this belongs to the zodiac sign created by the ancient Celts. If you ask a question and you wonder: "I'm of the sign of the Fig tree and I want to know how to go the day today and tomorrow for me." then you will find your answer here. The best horoscope and the best overall predictions for today and tomorrow free and online for your Fig celtic sign. How will be the day for the Fig tree? Read on and you will know. Those born from June 14 to June 23 and from December 12 to December 21 are of the sign of the Fig tree.

If you do not know what celtic sign you are, you can find it easily thanks to the table below. Find your date of birth and immediately on the line will read your sign. To read the horoscope for today and then tomorrow you choose between the images under the table representing your tree and click and do not forget to also read the basic features of your birth celtic sign to which you belong. Happy reading !

Celtic symbol Period of birth
Fir from 2 to 11 january - from 5 to 14 july
Nocciolefrom 22 march to 31 march - from 24 september to 3 october
Sorbiefrom 1 to 10 april - from 4 to 13 october
Maple from 11 to 20 april - from 14 to 23 october
Walnutfrom 21 to 30 april - from 24 to 2 november
Poplarfrom 1 to 14 maggio - from 3 to 11 november - from 5 to 13 august - from 4 to 8 february
Chestnut from 15 to 24 maggio - from 12 to 21 november
Ashfrom 25 maggio to 3 june - from 22 november to 1 december
Hornbeamfrom 4 to 13 june - from 2 to 11 december
Fig from 14 to 23 june - from 12 to 21 december
Birch 24 june
Apple from 25 june to 4 july - from 23 december to 1 january
Oak21 march
Elmfrom 15 to 25 july - from 12 to 24 january
Cypressfrom 26 july to 4 august - from 25 january to 3 february
Hackberryfrom 14 to 23 august - from 9 to 18 february
Pinefrom 24 august to 2 september - from 19 february to 29 february
Willowfrom 3 to 12 september - from 1 to 10 march
Lindenfrom 13 to 22 september - from 11 to 20 march
Olive 23 september
Beech 22 december

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