Learn more about your character through the astrological study of the zodiac sign, of the zodiacal ascendant, of the Moon, of Lilith (the black Moon), of the planets in the 12 houses of the zodiac, in the 12 zodiac signs, of their transits in their birth chart. Do you want to calculate your astral chart? Here in this article you will find much more about your zodiac sign and you will better understand yourself as well as the people around you. Below you can see a series of links that will allow you to go to calculate the position of the Sun at the time of your birth, the position of the Moon always at the time of your birth and therefore you will also know where is your zodiac ascendant as long as you know your exact time of birth. In fact, for this kind of calculations you need the date of birth, complete with day, month and year but also the place where you were born and the time. The Moon often indicates the female part, the most sensitive part that every man and woman possesses in the depths of his soul and for the man it often highlights the type of woman he would like to have, that he would like to meet. The Black Moon, also called Lilith, is very peculiar and signals the presence of a dark side within us that can come out at any moment and be scary in many cases. You can discover the virtues, qualities, strengths and weaknesses of your zodiac sign, know your birth chart with the exact position of the Sun, Moon and planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the various signs of the zodiac. Furthermore, if you are also passionate about chinese or mayan astrology, then you can calculate your respective Chinese and Mayan sign and know even more about your character and if you want to understand how the 12 signs generally behave on a love and sexual level then here that you will find a small but very useful guide. Much more more about your zodiac sign. If you want to better understand who or what you have in front of you and you know the date, place and time of birth, then by finding the position of the Sun, the Moon and the ascendant but also the other planets, as well as the black Moon, you will have your eyes a lot of useful and very detailed information. After having found the position of the various planets in your birth chart, you can deepen everything by analyzing the section of the various transits and then try to understand the events that are created with the current transits that occur in your life. Our future will be better if we know ourselves better and astrology allows us to do this. Enjoy your reading and have fun with our website.