Writing in dreams and letters of the alphabet in dreams. What meaning and interpretation do you give to dreams where we see alphabetical letters about languages ??that we have never studied at school and that is why we do not know it and we can not translate? What does it mean to dream of making a translation? What does it mean to dream of reading strange letters that have no meaning? What does it mean to dream of finding a ticket or sheet with a strange scripture full of ancient symbols that we can decipher? Why can you dream of writing in capital letters, in lower case or in italics, and in a language we do not know or dream to emphasize or highlight letters of the alphabet? What does it mean to dream of writing words with vowels and consonants that have no meaning? Have you ever dreamed of finding a notebook with a script composed of Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, Arabic, Russian letters? Dreaming of reading unknown alphabet letters, illegible, written with pen or pencil or even with blood. What does it mean to dream the letters of the alphabet? What does it mean to dream of finding or receiving by mail, a letter in a sealed envelope with a huge writing? And dreaming of reading a writing on a large wall, on one hand, on one leg, on a person's face, on the forehead of a friend or colleague? Why is it possible to see only a few alphabetical letters that put together no words that have a valid meaning? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace should you play if you dream of a letter of the alphabet to try a lottery win according to the dream book and the dream guide? "This night I dreamed of being at school and learning the alphabet with her letters. Last night I was in the house with my parents, my brother, my sister, a singer and a famous actor and all together we read a strange letter written with strange symbols and not letters. The other night I dreamed that a dead person, a dead person for a long time, gave me a notebook with some very special writings and using foreign languages ??I did not know. Last night I dreamed of being with my husband and son and on a wall we read some letters in the alphabet. Why in my dream can I meet my grandfather or my grandmother leaving me a letter with an enigmatic phrase that can not be deciphered?" Today we talk about letters of the alphabet that can appear in a dream for various reasons. These dreams are very special, especially because very often the letters we read do not make words that make sense. Many people dream of writing in a language they do not really know in real life or dream of reading a writing in a very complex foreign language. This type of dreams hides an absolutely trivial message.


Clearly the dreams in which we see letters, words, writing have a meaning that addresses communication. Indeed in real life writing is a way of communicating something with words that remain on a sheet, on a phone message, in a chat. Very often people say they dream of opening a letter arriving by mail but not understanding what is written inside. Even letters may be related to another language other than ours or may not be visible. Other people are dreaming of finding ambiguous alphabet letters that do not form exact words and with the right meaning. So all dreams in which we receive letters with scriptures inside, refer to communication problems in our daily lives. These problems can be really important or maybe very light but in any case you have to be able to face a situation where we can not get them understood by other people or we ourselves can not understand some people who are part of our lives. Reading alphabetic letters that are scattered, confused, meaningless is obviously a signal of communicative problems. For example, a child or a boy might dream of opening a notebook or a letter and reading strange letters that maybe are not even in his idiom, in his language. This child, this guy certainly has problems communicating with the outside world or with a person in particular. And how to understand with what person this misunderstanding can be born? Simple. Just remember the objects we meet in the dream, the places we visit, the people we meet and the feelings and emotions we experience. All these details and details are fundamental to understanding the scope of our everyday life where this communicative problem arises. Returning to the example above, if a child or a boy dreams of being at school or at home and reads strange letters or writes in a very different way from the usual and words that have no meaning, then the dreamer has problems with schoolmates , with teachers or teachers, or with parents, then with their mother and father or with siblings.

We can be adults, man or woman, and dream of being in the workplace, office or business and finding strange letters written on our desk or on a wall. Is our work satisfactory or would we ask for something to change? If, during our work, we try to speak or write words on a sheet or notebook to a colleague or employer, we probably need to ask for something we do not understand in real life. Even some people who can not write, still dream of writing in perfect language, dream of writing letters, words and phrases that also make sense. These people may not learn to write in real life, but they will certainly be able to make themselves understood by other people. Their communicative capacity is therefore excellent. How many times have we dreamed of writing something and not being able to write? These dreams point to communication problems, lack of ability to make us understand in life and it is obvious that this type of dreams is a warning to modify our way of doing so not to succumb to why a person is not able to communicate then it is cut off from the world of work, friendships, love. Very often the dreams in which we find strange letters of the alphabet refer to sentimental life. A man or a woman can dream of writing a love letter but the words that are written inside the letter are in an indecipherable language that neither we have written, we can understand. In these cases it is very easy to understand that the dreamer's relationship with the dreamer is going through a difficult time when words seem to serve nothing. After making such a dream, you must try to find a solution to the misunderstanding that has been created in loving life, but this also applies to family and work relationships. Many people even dream of writing using a script other than what they use in real life. For example, they may dream of writing uppercase all the letters that make up words and phrases either in lowercase or even using italics.

These dreams can be very interesting to analyze because they generally indicate a dreamer's ability to succeed in solving a problem in a different way than usual. In short, we can look at a problem from another point of view and this shows a maturation and an evolution of our life, our earthly existence. Writing in a way that we usually do not use is very positive and reports great qualities, good imagination and so much creativity that can be developed in our daily lives. And if we try to write but we can not write a word because we may not remember the letters of the alphabet? Simply these dreams point to a problem of misunderstanding in relationships with other people and so we are not able to make us understand. The strangest dreams are certainly those in which we even see letters of foreign alphabets like Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Egyptian letters. Obviously if we do not know these foreign languages ??we are always faced with a serious communication problem and the details of the dream will tell us in what aspect of our life this problem can be manifested. The ability to translate these languages ??or to write very clear words and phrases that possess a meaning obviously indicates a great communicative capacity and a good understanding of what is happening in our lives. Many psychologists and psychiatrists see in the alphabet and in their letters, the need to understand and learn new things in life, and it's not uncommon to dream of seeing alphabetical letters and then, in the days and weeks that follow such a dream, learning new things, making useful experiences, progressing in life. We conclude this article by describing also those dreams in which we find a letter or sheet in which we can only read part of its content. Sometimes these dreams can signal a secret that is hidden and we will soon be able to unveil it. Someone hides us something but we understand and we can know the truth.


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