To dream of taking, picking up, collecting, transposing, drawing, holding a letter from a post office or post office door. See in a dream a ripped letter, with scribbles, or with an inscription that is not anonymous, a letter coming from a boy, dismissal, or with so much money inside. What meanings hide this kind of dreams? I dreamed of receiving so much mail from my mother and my father. What is the meaning of this dream? What does it mean to dream of seeing a mailbox full of unreadable letters? What is the meaning of receiving some letters or dreaming of going to a post office to pick up and sign a letter? And dreaming to pluck a letter or to write a long letter to our boyfriend, man or woman, our children, children? Why can you dream of receiving a letter sent by a postman who plays twice at home or dreams of seeing a broken mailbox? What does it mean to dream of receiving a letter but is empty or can not read its contents? "Tonight I dreamed of reading inbox in computer email and smartphone. Last night I dreamed of writing and sending so many letters to known people. In the past night I dreamed of opening or closing a envelope by letter that the Madonna, Padre Pio, God, Jesus Christ sent me. The other night I dreamed of delivering a letter to a friend of mine, parent, son, relative". What does it mean to dream of seeing an already open letter? What does it mean to dream of receiving a letter from a dead person, a dead man or woman, or a relative who is alive, or a guardian angel? And what meaning and interpretation do you give to a dream in which you receive a letter of love or friendship? Let's see this kind of dreams really widespread. We'll see where to find numbers to play, according to neapolitan grimace, numbers to win.


Letter is an object that serves to communicate something. In real life, in fact we communicate with words but also with writing, with tickets, with letters. Dreaming of seeing a letter, writing or reading a letter is really a very common dream. The letters have to do with communication. So when we dream of receiving a letter, for example, we must try to figure out what kind of problem we are facing in our real life. So if in the dream we receive a letter from our partner, then our husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, then maybe we must address a problem of communication with this person, then about the feelings we feel towards this person we love . When the letter is not readable or empty it means there are several communication problems in love that need to be resolved otherwise we can experience a period of great discussions and misunderstandings. From all this you can understand that dreaming letters is not a trivial dream but it can hide very important messages for the dreamer's life. In everyday life, did you have a discussion with a professor, a school teacher, a parent, a relative, or even a fellow worker? Well then in the following nights you might dream of picking up a letter from the postman that comes from one of these people.

And what if we are in the dream when we write a letter to someone? What are we writing? Can we read the words we write or not? The recipient of our letter who is it? Writing a letter to a person we know in real life means we have a strong desire to communicate something to this person. If what we have written can not read then then probably our ideas are not clear and we do not know how to talk. In short, a dream letter indicates communication, a desire to communicate, to be understood by others. But when we receive a dream letter we may also have good news. In fact, it is not uncommon to dream of picking up a letter from the post office or directly from the hands of a postman and find, after a few days, receiving some news, communications in everyday life, in our daily lives. Often dreaming an object, a person, beyond the letter, can make us understand the area of??our lives where good or bad news will come. And if the letter that came in the dream is torn or completely white? These dreams can often indicate uncertainty in pursuing our ideas or we have a great desire to receive some good news in real life but we know very well that they will not arrive. Another widespread dream is to write and send a lot of letters or to see the mailbox full of letters and advertising. In the last few years, many people dream of receiving mail even via email on a computer or on the phone.

These dreams always hide a strong desire from the dreamer to receive news in everyday life that may be late to arrive. And if the letter is signed by a relative or friend who has been dead for so long? You do not have to be afraid of this kind of dream because they can simply indicate the need to have the dead person close to us for so long. So these dreams make a memory resound, a great desire to have the person who is no longer with us near us. Signing a letter can have a very important meaning because it means that we assume the responsibilities of a situation that we are experiencing, so we are aware of what is happening in our lives. When the letter we receive has been sent by our Lady, by God, by Jesus, or by a Saint, then we can think that the dreamer is at a very difficult stage in his life and in which he needs strong support to move forward and Here religion enters into a dream like this. Certainly, this kind of dreamers have a strong sense of religiosity. A widespread dream that has to do with the receipt of letters is the one in which we open a letter and we can not read anything because the words are incomprehensible. Here we come back to the communication problem. Reading incomprehensible words in dreams means having a lot of difficulty communicating in making us understand real life. These dreams are never trivial and must be annotated on our dream diary for our awakening because they can open our eyes to many problems in our lives that need to be resolved by talking. We conclude by saying that sometimes when you dream of a letter and we have a legal problem, a bureaucratic problem to be resolved, then we can receive, in the coming days, a communication about this type of problem.


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