The devil in dreams. Dreaming of a black devil, dark in face or white, with red-eyed eyes, talking to you, listening to you, killing you, attacking you, chasing you, kidnapping you and bringing you into the flames of hell. What is the meaning and interpretation of the dreams in which we ourselves are Satan or are we possessed by the devil? Be possessed and succeed in chasing the devil. What does it mean to dream of killing or hurting Satan and his demons? What does it mean to dream of being possessed by the devil? And dreaming demonic presence in the house, demons and spirits of children or dead men and women, dreaming of Japanese or Mexican demons? Have you ever dreamed of being in the Church and seeing the devil? How many times have you dreamed of being possessed by the devil or dreaming of demons pursuing you? To dream always or very often the devil is a serious problem? What does it mean to dream of number 666 on a wall or tattooed on one arm, neck, forehead, on one leg? What does it mean to dream of invoking, calling Satan coming to us or dreaming of fighting and defeating Lucifer? Some people say that they have dreamed of seeing God and Satan struggling one against each other. The Evil vs. the Good, the eternal battle present in our world. But why to dream of the devil, demon, Satan, Lucifer, Belzebù, the evil, the demon, satanasso? What does it mean to dream the devil? Some people happen to dream of seeing the devil in the form of a man or woman who wants to attract her with beauty and mislead. What numbers can we play when we make a dream in which we see the devil trying to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and driving on dreams and using Neapolitan grimace? "The other night I dreamed of seeing Satan laughing and coming to me, my father, my mother, my brother, my sister, a friend and a colleague of work. Last night I saw the flames of hell and a big, scary demon that killed so many men and women. Last night I dreamed of seeing the devil inside my house and I was with my grandparents, my uncles, my parents, and my sons and my husband. This night I was abducted by so many demons who carried me to hell. Why do I often dream of being pursued and captured by the devil?" Dreaming of a devil that catches a child or that captures our fiancée, our wife, our lover. What is hidden behind these dreams? The presence of the devil in dreams is widespread because what he represents in real life is a very important and almost never banal problem. Let's understand and understand the meaning of this kind of dreams that can make you really scared and make us wake up at night with your heart knocking hard.


First of all we say that dreaming the devil must not be compared to our death or the death of a person we know. The devil represents evil but also our desires. Very often when we see a devil in a dream we can think of being at a stage in our lives where we need to vent our sexual strengths and energies because the devil is the sex symbol. This is especially true for men but also for women. Hell with its flames is therefore our sexual desires, our erotic instincts that may be in life are blocked and then return to dreams in the form of flames, fire and devils. The message, then, is simply to try to achieve sexual serenity, a balance in the development of our erotic energies that do not have to accumulate within us. But the devil has not only that meaning. The devil represents our desires and our instincts. When we dream of seeing a demon, to see perhaps the leader of demons and then Satan, we must think that we are in a time when we have many desires to meet or desire. Clearly these desires can be absolutely legitimate and not dangerous to ourselves but the fire of hell or the flames that the devils emit and which we dream in our dreams on our skin and on our face may sometimes be desperate desires especially desires that can pose a threat to ourselves. In short, the devil in dream can mean that we can not hold back a force or we can channel our energies that can be physical or mental, towards a just goal, towards a path of evolution and maturity. So dreamy demons can be seen as dangers, traps, unhealthy desires that can ruin our existence. To better understand the meaning and message of this kind of dreams, we must always try to remember the places we visit, the objects we see, the actions we make, the feelings and emotions we experience in our dreams. For example, if we dream of being pursued by a devil who wants to capture or kill us and we run away, most likely in real life we??are running away from responsibilities or the desire we are cultivating is bigger than us and can not be realized.

But in our dreams we can incredibly fight with Satan, be defeated or win the battle. Fighting with the devil means having the strength to move forward and to react to a fairly difficult time because, in fact, Satan can also represent complex periods of our lives that may be weakened and lead us to a situation of great malaise, boredom and depression. So defeating Satan means fighting and defeating our fears, the obstacles we find on our way, and the desires that are perhaps not exactly good for our inner evolution and maturation. Often when we see the devil in our dreams we are almost never alone, but together with us we can see our parents, our fiancée, a colleague or a working friend and other people. The devil, in these cases, may have a different meaning and be related to the interpersonal relationship we have with the person who is with us. For example, if in a dream the devil fights with one of our parents then obviously some relational problem and some misunderstanding with our parents must be solved while the presence of a lover, a husband, a wife, a boyfriend can signal the difficulty to love a person or exactly the opposite, exaggeration in showing our feelings towards the other person. Obviously these dreams can also indicate a strong erotic and passionate charge within the couple of people. First we talked about traps and tricks. Rightly the devil tries to deceive the men of the world to attract and capture their souls to lead to hell. His eternal struggle with God is based on shrapnel, cheat and deception, as well as on the use of cleverness and cunning. Here is another important meaning that the devil can take in our dreams. Very often, the devil can represent a person we know and that can create a lot of damage to our lives, a person who may say good, to love us, but in reality he is deceiving us and wants our evil, our defeat. It is very important to accurately analyze the details of these dreams to understand with whom we have to struggle in life and what person we must discover. In short, the devil is a person who uses cunning to gain benefits. For example, we might dream of being in the workplace and see that our work colleague offers us a coffee but there is a devil at his side. The deception is around the corner.

However, often the devil in dreams represents the great desire to have, receive news in our lives, novelties that may be lacking and make the days always the same and surely monotonous, so our subconscious wants to make us realize that the life we??are experiencing is not exceptional, is very poor and devoid of interests that can bring a desire to live and do so many beautiful things. In short, after doing these dreams, we try to analyze our existence and to understand what we really want and what we are doing to get what we want. The desires that we retain within us and who can not venture can lead us to live a monotonous life but also to health problems and mental problems, so these dreams should never be underestimated. Returning to the Devil, Lucifer and his figure in dreams, it can be completely red with burning eyes or completely black, dark, perhaps hooded. Satan completely red can often represent our emotional relationships and any communication problems in our loving life while black Satan can indicate serious financial problems and even tricks, deception, betrayal by friends especially if we have a dialogue with the devil in our dreams. And if we dream of calling the devil, invoking his presence? We should not be afraid of these dreams because they are often very positive because they indicate the possibility of finding a good help in resolving a situation that worries us in real life. But be attacked by demons who want to kill us? Why can a devil pursue us to lead us to hell? Those demons and that devil can be just us who, by our behavior, are ruining ourselves and our lives and therefore we must resume the right path. Satan is associated with number 666 and it is not uncommon to see this dream number together with the devils and the devil himself. The symbolism of number 666 is similar to that of the devil and therefore often indicates untold desires, deceit, great inner strength. Before concluding this article we would also like to talk about those dreams in which angels and demons struggle with each other or the devil and God fight each other. This struggle is two sides of our character, two different ways of behaving in our lives, and in fact very often we reject some of ourselves by preferring another part of our character. In short, these dreams can represent the ambiguity of the human being.


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