What does it mean to dream of wooden stairs that burn while we are on the go? What numbers of neapolitan grimace need to play in order to win the lottery if you dream of fire in the fire in the fireplace, along with a deceased, a dead man, according to the book of dreams and driving on dreams? What do you mean to dream of throwing, throwing so much green wood in the fire to warm up because it is very cold or dreaming of gathering it in a forest or in a forest or still seeing in our dreams firewood burning out and smoking a lot? How to interpret wood in a dream? Dreaming of wood that breaks or breaks, tarred, littered, cracked, rotten, dark is a fairly recurring dream. What does it mean to dream of stacking the wood? "The other night I dreamed of buying and putting into the cellar, for the winter, many wooden trunks, small pieces and large pieces of firewood to be put into the fireplace. This night I dreamed of giving a timber lorry to my mother and my father. Because I often dream of lighting the wood in the fireplace with my grandfather, my uncle, a friend of mine, my work colleague, an enemy, a famous singer or actor, my boyfriend or ex boyfriend, my wife or husband ? Over the past night I dreamed of trunks of wood, cut very well, burning and beside the fireplace I saw and talked to a baby, a newborn. Last night I saw a lot of dry wood in the house, in the garage, in the store, my house was full." To give a timber lorry to a child or to mom and dad can be a weird dream but its meaning is really important. Dreaming of tree trunks that have been cut to be sold, seen in a huge forest or a large forest, a cutter that knocks large and tall trees with a large blade of a hat or a chainsaw. How many times have you been doing timber trading, selling or buying, buy cheap wood quartz to burn in the cellar, in the boiler, in your dreams? Dreaming of a pile of falling wood, wooden pieces that fire at home can really bring a fundamental message to the dreamer. Let's understand the symbol of wood in our dreams.


When we dream the wood often with it we dream of the fire or a nice fireplace. Wood is used to feed, in real life, fire itself in boilers or in fireplaces. So when we see wood in our dreams we have to think that we are at a time of our life where we need to find stimuli, energies, ideas to move on and make new projects. Clearly nurturing our lives with new ideas, new things to do, new projects can be very tiring so you always have to try to figure out whether in a dream the wood will light up or just generate smoke or it's still wet and maybe it does not fire. Seeing out flames from some wood in a fireplace or in another place in our home can be a great dream especially if the wood burning we collected it and we turned it on. New projects can grow in our lives in a very positive way, and often these dreams may also indicate the arrival of new economic negotiations, financial and labor agreements that can lead to discrete successes. But the wood can be wet, soaked, rotten, and the flames may have difficulty lighting it up. If in the dream we can not turn on a fire with wood because it is not good, then simply the period is still premature to start new professional and professional ways to carry out new projects. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for better times. The smoke coming out of a fireplace and wood means that in our minds we still have some ideas that are very weak and can not be put into practice.

Often we can dream of gathering little or so much wood together with someone we know or simply see someone gathering and stacking wood for the winter. Dream collection is always very positive and especially if it is done directly by the dreamer because it indicates a phase of life in which our ideas are at a good level and the energies are not lacking in order to undertake new professional but also sentimental ways. In fact, wood in dream can also affect our feelings, our affective and sentimental relationships. For example, if we dream of being alongside a beautiful fireplace, we feel the warmth that surrounds us and we are together with our love partner, then our loving life is going through a beautiful period when understanding, passion, desire to be together , Are essential elements to feed to continue in the couple's life. If we see a grandfather, a grandmother, our mother or our father next to the fireplace and firewood, it means that the relationship with these people can improve considerably in the near future. The difficulty of turning on the fire indicates relational difficulties. Wood, practically, often in our dreams, may indicate the need to express our feelings, our ideas, our thoughts. And if in dreams, by our side, do we find a child, a newborn or a deceased person? The dead in the dream often point to probable changes in our existence and together with the wood they can tell the dreamer to develop the things they have in mind to be able to change some aspects of their own life that do not go well anymore.

Often we may dream, near the fireplace with fire, my grandfather who has been dead for so many years or a longtime deceased parent or even an old friend who is gone. These dreams tell us that we feel a great lack in our lives, this person. But it's not over here. Do you often dream of buying wood at a good price and keeping it in a cellar or another room in your home? Buying good wood and stacking it somewhere in the home is a very good sign because it can point to a lot of ideas and projects that are going to come and that can lead to several successes. If wood pieces are big, big, then projects will be just as important. Of course, the wood may be rotten, burned, reduced to ashes, wet, wet from water and rain and thus can signal a phase of our lives when things do not go as we would like and it all looks still, motionless. Wood is also often associated with a stage of our very turbulent life and this often happens when we dream of seeing a burning wood house or burning house stairs. The house indicates our mind and if it burns our ideas then, they are not very clear, we are confused, we do not know what to do and we can make different mistakes. Burning wooden stairs can take on even worse meaning because they usually indicate our progress or our downfall in life. If we dream of climbing the stairs then dream is a very good stage of our life as we step down the stairs then we are not progressing. So the stairs catch fire can report various difficulties to achieve success, the goals we set for ourselves and it is even worse if we go down the stairs as they burn, even threatening to fall on deaf ears or burn ourselves surrounded by flames.


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