But what are dreams and nightmares? Maybe something completely useless? Absolutely not. Today we analyze in this article the spiders, wonderful insects and cobwebs that appear in our dream world. What does the spider mean? What does it mean to dream of a spider in the house? What does it mean to dream of so many spiders? What does it mean to dream of giant spiders and cobwebs? If you dream of spiders, what obstacle do you have to get rid of? Dreaming of poisonous tarantulas, black widows that bite us and inject us with lethal poison, small spiders, tiny but very fast, huge, colored, black, yellow, red, very dark or with lots of legs that approach us. What does it mean to dream of spiders while they are weaving a web in our home? Dreaming of seeing a scary spider that immobilizes a fly, a prey on the cobweb with its saliva and poison and then begins to eat it. Have you ever dreamed of finding a cobweb or more cobwebs on the wall or in a wardrobe or under the bed and to remove them, to eliminate them? Who knows how many times have you dreamed of crushing and killing a spider under your feet or chasing it away while walking on a part of your body, on the face, on the legs, on the hands or on the arms or even on the head or on a wall. Often it happens to dream of seeing one or more spiders climb up, climb onto our bed while we sleep and we wake up very scared. The meaning of spiders in dreams is very important and you will soon understand the reason for this statement. The possible interpretations on a psychological, psychiatric level can be manifold. In addition to the interpretation of this kind of dreams we will also try to find, through the Neapolitan grimace, the lucky and winning numbers to try to win some gambling. So before starting with the explanation of this which is one of the most common dreams among the different populations, let us remember that every dream is very subjective and that for a correct interpretation we must always start from the real life of the dreamer, from his daily life and from what he thinks, in this case, of spiders. Unfortunately, spiders, along with snakes, are among the least loved insects and animals and while for the snake we know that everything derives from the famous story of the earthly Paradise between Adam and Eve, for spiders the justification is another.


The spider is a very effective insect when it has to catch prey which it then has to eat. First of all it is able to create a web by weaving threads that arise from its saliva and with this web it is able to trap all kinds of insects. Subsequently it approaches the insect that has no more escape, injects poison, creates around it a cocoon always with its thread and when it is hungry it returns to eat it. An incredibly clever ploy. But why are spiders unloved by people? Simply because some of them, for example the tarantulas, the black widows are endowed with a poison capable of killing the human being. Obviously it is also an aesthetic reason why the spider is certainly not a beautiful insect as a splendid colorful butterfly can be. The meanings behind these dreams are varied. First of all, many psychologists, psychiatrists and dream scholars compare the spider that appears in dreams to the dreamer's mother. A mother-child relationship that is too cumbersome, a mother who gives little space to her child or a child who cannot break away, to abandon his mother to live a life alone, can be a symbolism that we find in the spider. So the first thing to do when we dream of spiders is to understand what the relationship with our mother is like and if in fact the time has come to become more independent, to depend less on one's parent. A big spider that attacks us, that comes on us can mean a mother that is too clingy, a mother who always wants to control us, even if we are adults by now, a mother who wants to make choices for us, for us. So you have to be able to get away from this relationship which in many cases is sick because it does not allow us to live life as we wish. This is a meaning that we can find in many dreams of boys and girls who see a spider (the mother) weaving a web to catch an insect that represents the dreamer. This type of dreams is very common even among children who are very often forced by their parents to follow rules that they would gladly do without. If, on the other hand, you are already an adult and you do not find yourself in this interpretation then you should know that spiders can have other meanings but not always pleasant.

The web is a trap, it is the tool that the spider uses to capture its prey even if there are spiders, such as those that live in the depths of the sea, which do not use the web to catch their prey but lurk in the seabed, hidden by the sand or in the rocks and then pop up at the right moment. Often in dreams or nightmares, the insect we see on the cobweb waiting to free itself or to be eaten, represents ourselves, the dreamer who finds himself, in real life, having to face a relationship that is not pleasant, such as that sentimental or a working relationship. A bad relationship that does not allow us to live peacefully. Upon awakening, therefore, we must understand what this relationship is, this situation that we live badly and try to fix everything, to find a solution because we remind all of you that dreams are not trivial but serve to put our unconscious in contact with our subconscious. What our unconscious does not perceive in real life, is instead often perceived by the much more powerful subconscious. Who knows how many times it has happened to work together with a person who is too nagging, to have at your side a very jealous wife, girlfriend, husband who leave no space, who do not allow us to be free as we wish and here is a dream that appears. small or large spider, a symbol of a relationship that cannot yet be experienced in this way. If we kill the spider there are many chances that we will be able to find the right solution to get out of this situation. If, on the other hand, the spider attacks us, bites, injects the poison then the chances are very small and we risk still living a sick relationship. According to some studies, the spider that appears in all its possible forms in our dreams is the dreamlike representation of hidden fears or problems that is not easy to understand but if we are people who can understand what they have inside , to isolate themselves from the rest of the world to find themselves, a better balance between mind, body and spirit, then these fears that are difficult to identify, these problems can be understood and analyzed, finding the right solution. For example, when in a dream we can chase away a large spider or kill it, then most likely we have understood the fear, the problem we are experiencing in everyday life.

Unclear situations that are evolving or involuting can be represented by spiders in dreams. When we dream of big spiders, perhaps poisonous spiders, we ask when we wake up in what situation we ended up from which we cannot get out, what problem we are the victim of and we are unable to find a valid solution. What obstacles do we need to get rid of? Who or what blocks our path, our evolution, our path? Why can't we take flight with our personal or professional projects? Here is what can be hidden behind dreams where small or large spiders are very important. the spider indicates the situation or the person that hinders us while the web is the means that this person uses to block us, to create problems. The worst dreams that are therefore nightmares, are those in which we are stung by a spider, perhaps by a poisonous one like the tarantula and we remain immobile, we cannot move, we cannot run away, being therefore forced to suffer the attack of the terrible insect. Here is that the situation that worries us in real life is leading us into a sky alley from which we are not able to get out, for which we cannot find a valid solution. But we must say that the dream symbolism connected with this splendid insect is also positive and not only when we are able to kill it or move it away from us, perhaps avoiding that it stings us or can inject poison but also in other cases that we are now analyzing. In some peoples the spider is a sacred insect, a symbol connected to divine power but also to a material power that manifests itself through money, earnings. Who knows, you may have heard from some of your friends or relatives not to kill the spiders that are in the house because they bring good luck, especially economic ones. Here is that the appearance of so many harmless spiders in dreams, which do not attack us and do not want to harm us, can be linked to the possibility of making interesting gains. If the spider is very large then the gain will be great, otherwise a small spider will indicate a small lucky moment while many small spiders, many small opportunities, many small advantages and not just economic ones. We conclude this article by reminding you, however, that each of us must interpret his dreams and what appears within them, based on his life. So if the spider in real life is seen as a dangerous, disgusting, annoying insect, consequently in a dream it can almost never have a favorable meaning.

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