What are the lucky numbers to play connected with the figure of the snake that appears in a dream? What numbers does the Neapolitan grimace offer? Who knows how many times we have dreamed of fighting a poisonous snake or running away, running away from it or killing it with a knife or other object. What does it mean to dream of a huge snake that chases itself on a psychological level? What do psychiatry and psychology say about dreams in which snakes, small or large, are the protagonists? Today we try to understand the meaning, symbolism and interpretation of this dream archetype that is very widespread among the world population but above all between that of the Christian and Catholic religions. What does it mean to dream of a snake attacking you? What does it mean to dream of a black snake, perhaps a viper or a python or even a giant anaconda? What does it mean to dream of a snake at home, which climbs into bed or clings to us, squeezing our necks and suffocating us? The meanings and the various interpretations of a rattlesnake that bites through a bite that injects poison into our blood, quiet, hissing and still observing, chasing you, white, black, red, green, yellow, huge, very small , very long, very short, that we see at home or in our office, are many and depend a lot on the real life of the dreamer, so we are obviously in dreams or nightmares that are very subjective and whose specific interpretation is not simple but in this article we try to provide useful insights knowing that however the symbolism of the snake has a common root for almost all of us. So let's try to better understand its meaning, its interpretation, its symbolism which obviously does not hide anything trivial but not even so worrying, indeed, remembering the role that dreams have, we must say that perhaps this is one of those dreams more useful because it warns us about a situation we are experiencing or are about to live. After reading below an interpretation and various psychological and religious meanings of the snake, you can also have fun finding the corresponding numbers to go and try a win at some gambling, to try to win some money and for this you will find immediately after a useful link to our popular dream book. But let's start analyzing this beautiful symbolism and archetype: the snake.


Therefore starting with the interpretation of the snake we must undoubtedly refer to its symbolism on a religious level. In fact we all remember the scene that takes place in the garden of Eden, in Paradise, when Adam was tempted by Eve who in turn was tempted by the serpent regarding the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam bit into an apple so that he could know the difference between these two perhaps universal ones, Good and Evil, but God punished him and forced him to live on Earth, together with Eve, working every day, struggling so much. Here is where the history of the human being begins, at least on a religious and biblical level. Here a first meaning to look for in the snake when it appears in various ways and situations in our dream world, is that connected with a betrayal, with a deception, with a subterfuge, a trap into which we risk falling. The snake in this case is identified as an evil creeping being who wants to disturb our life, create chaos and various problems. However, remember that dreams do not identify something that is irreparable but our subconscious, communicating with our unconscious during sleep, is able to understand very well what should be done and provides us with answers and solutions that are not easy to understand. The dreamer in fact knows if in his personal, work, sentimental life, he is experiencing a deceptive, unclear situation, if someone can betray him and then becoming aware of this he can defend himself, he can think of finding the right solutions. A snake that attacks us, that chases us, that tries to suffocate us or that bites us by injecting venom into our body, a giant snake, black or brightly colored that crawls on the ground quickly and makes a frightening sound . Here, finding yourself in front of these situations that in a dream can be very scary, must make us reflect because it almost certainly identifies a situation that we are experiencing or a person who can create serious problems for us and that should not be underestimated. Obviously if the snake is very large, for example we are facing an anaconda, then the event we are experiencing or are about to experience is very worrying. This connection with Evil and with the story of Paradise, of Adam and Eve, however, is not the only meaning that we can attribute to the dream serpent.

In fact in other populations this animal can be loved, idolized, admired and therefore does not represent a danger. As for the western population which is for the majority Christian and Catholic, the meanings mentioned above are still fundamental to understand this kind of dreams but for example many people are not afraid of snakes, but they love them. Here is that for them the symbolism changes and is no longer the one indicated before. Then we could find ourselves facing a rather pleasant situation, particularly useful for unmasking someone who is trying to deceive us. Here the snake turns out to be a friend, a symbol that signals help not to fall into a trap, precisely by identifying and signaling a situation or a person to stay away from. Certainly if a snake in a dream bites us and injects poison into our blood making us also feel pain, unfortunately we have no escape and probably we will not be able to escape a deception, a situation of which we will be victim. Regarding poison, we must also remember that we could find ourselves faced with a situation from which we cannot get out, we feel immobilized, we cannot do anything. In fact, many poisons serve to immobilize the prey which is then eaten by the snake when the same prey is still alive but can no longer move. It is not over yet because there is another very important meaning related to the dreamlike figure of the snake, a meaning that has been the basis of various studies by various psychologists and psychiatrists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Custav Jung. In particular, Freud himself often referred to sexuality when he studied the dreams of his patients. He said that the snake in a dream often indicates a sexual drive that for the moment is repressed, which therefore in real life cannot come out, to be expressed easily. Here we are not only referring to the male libido but also to the female one obviously. A snake that falls or crawls on us can signal a very strong desire of the dreamer to have a more fulfilling sex life which therefore cannot be at this moment. Attention to the speech that dreams can also advise and bring to light situations that we are experiencing but of which we are not aware.

A man or a woman can be so busy with work, with daily life and all its commitments that they completely forget that even sexual life deserves to be lived, to find space because these energies are really essential to achieve a good inner balance. , mental, spiritual, as well as physical. So it is likely that we can be aware of this primary need or not and in any case dreams bring all this to the fore with the symbolism of the snake. For example, many women remember stroking or holding a snake and feeling a good feeling, one more reason to understand the desire for libido hormones to manifest in real life. So when we wake up, after dreaming of snakes, we try to understand if our intimate life is fulfilling or not, if we are happy with our partner for example. In some cases the snake signals the possibility of betraying or in any case even and only the thought of betraying the person we love precisely to feel more satisfied on a sexual level. The fear of letting go, of relaxing and the need to always keep everything under control in our life is often linked to the dream snake. The constraints, the fatigue of every day, the responsibilities that we take on but that we do not want to have and that steal energy, resources from ourselves. The power of the snake is not only sexual but also energetic. In fact, many studies and statistics on dreams have revealed that often the appearance of snakes does not refer to the repression of sexual desires or to a deception, a betrayal, a danger but to a phase of our earthly existence in which we really feel too little. free, not very independent, with no space in which to move, forced precisely by too many professional, family and private responsibilities and commitments to give up on ourselves. In a certain sense, a snake in a dream tells us that slowly we are annihilating ourselves, annihilating us as people because we no longer find the meaning of life in which it is essential to express ourselves, thinking about what we really need. The snake is a very powerful symbolism that should never be underestimated when it appears in our dreams or in our night, morning or afternoon nightmares.

After reading the interpretation of this kind of dreams and hoping to have given you useful information to better understand and interpret your dreams in which one or more snakes can be the protagonists, now we can give you our book on dreams which is divided using alphabetical order. In this book you will find many words that represent people, objects, situations, actions that can be performed in a dream, places, sensations and emotions that can be experienced in the dream world. You decide which numbers are suitable to be extrapolated from your dreams and to try your luck at some game of chance, however, remembering two important things and that is not to spend too much money and not to believe that dreams are useful to pull out numbers and try to win money because when it happens most of the time it is just a lucky circumstance. However, when you are undecided on which numbers to play and you are passionate about gambling then here is that extrapolating some numbers from dreams can be useful and fun. Below is the link to find our original dream book. Good luck.


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