School exercises in dreams. Why can you dream of doing math operations? What does dream dreaming, questioning, and classroom tasks mean? Do the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division into dreams what meaning and interpretation do they have? Why do you often dream of performing algebraic or integral expressions? What does it mean to dream of making mathematical calculations even very complex or really very simple? Have you ever dreamed of going back to school with old classmates, teachers, professors? Why can you dream of writing on a problem of geometry? What does it mean to dream of solving math exercises? Dreaming of an old professor who was very good with us or dreaming of a professor who was very strict. How many times have you dreamed of taking a good vote at school or dreaming of passing an exam with your boyfriend, husband, lover? Some people say they dream not to pass a math or Italian exam. But what is hidden behind these dreams? Dreaming of being at school or going to school with our mother and father or a brother, sister, relative, grandfather, or even a friend or work colleague. Why do we do this kind of dreams? "Last night I dreamed of doing math operations with two or three digit numbers. Last night I dreamed of being called to school, in my class, by the professor, for a sudden question so I did not feel completely prepared. This night I was in my old school with my children and my wife. Last night I dreamed of being in my childhood school with a famous actor or singer who interrogated me. The other night I dreamed of performing a small math task but it was very difficult and I did not pass the test. So I was rejected". What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace we can play when you are dreaming of performing, deciphering calculations of arithmetic, geometry, algebra, logical analysis to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and dream guide?


Math exercises, classroom tasks, queries have definitely been an obsession for many people when attending school. But what are examinations, queries, math, Latin, Italian, geometry, arithmetic, algebra exercises? It is easy to understand that all these things are proofs. In real life, when we were at school and were questioned by the teacher or professor or we did our homework, we were facing some tests. Here we can make a comparison with dreams. When we dream of attending a classroom job, performing an exam, performing a certain math operation within a school, then probably in our life we ??are going to face a small or great test. The test can be overcome or be very difficult and not overcome. If during an exam, a question, a classroom task, we can not conclude, find a solution, we can not answer the professor's questions, then clearly in everyday life we ??are facing a bigger problem than us, a problem that we do not find the right solution. Often behind these dreams there is also a great fear, the fear of not being able to overcome a difficulty that is present on the way of life. Our fears often return to dreams with school and classroom tasks and above all with subjects we were not very good at. Obviously maths but also algebra and geometry are not subjects that love so much and here in dreams the difficulties we face in life become math and geometry exercises that may be done in a short time. How many of you have dreamed of performing complex additions, subtractions, multiplications or divisions, or even really indecipherable algebraic expressions? It is easy to understand that behind these dreams some of our fears are hidden that block the resolution of real problems. But in the dream some people can even solve problems, algebraic equations, exercises, etc. Finding the solution to a math problem and having a good vote by the professor is certainly a very good clue.

Resolving complex exercises also means that in real life we ??can easily solve our problems, find the right solution. So this kind of dream can be very positive and favorable to the dreamer's life. When we are among the school benches and we have tremendous difficulty in solving classroom and exercise tasks then the problems that affect us in real life are really difficult to solve but not impossible because do not forget that our dreams often try to help us find the right solutions. Here we always remind you not to forget the people we meet in the dream, the objects we see, the places we are in, and the emotions and feelings that we live. People who are with us are never trivial in a dream because they can also indicate the correct solution. For example, if we dream of being in school and asking for help from an old companion who decides to help us, then clearly in our lives only by asking for the help of a person, we can solve certain problems that may be impossible to solve solely with our own strengths . And if in dreams we are absolutely alone in school, classroom, and are we performing a classroom job? No one can help us and we will have to solve our problem without the help of people. Often behind this type of dreams another important meaning is hidden. In fact, when we dream of performing complex math calculations that we might never have been able to solve in real life, then probably in our lives we are in a very positive time when our mind works very well and can bring good ideas and projects to develop. But in life you are usually rational and very precise or not? So if you are not of this type then you can dream of being at school, in front of a blackboard or a sheet to solve math or algebraic exercises. These dreams can then communicate to the dreamer that they are more rational, decisive, less emotional and more alert to life situations. Sometimes behind these dreams are hidden certain fears and relationships with other people who are not easy to carry on.

In fact, when we dream of solving a classroom job in any school subject, and at our side we find our parents, our brother or sister, then we are clearly experiencing a period when family life is not easy. These dreams can only point to relational difficulties with the family that creates complications and we need to find a good solution. The same thing can happen if we dream of being in school and solving exercises with our son, our husband, our wife, our lover or boyfriend. A sentimental and affective problem must absolutely be solved otherwise an interpersonal relationship might complicate. Being rejected in a dream after attending a competition, an examination can be a terrible dream that can make us wake up with a heart that is very strong for fear. The rejection certainly indicates the lack of preparation in our lives, the preparation that is needed to solve some problems. Some people also read the vote a professor writes about the tasks that have been corrected. Having a bad vote can certainly have a very important meaning. In fact, when we receive a very low and bad vote, maybe our self-esteem is really at a much lower level. This type of dreams therefore helps us to understand and understand that we must have more confidence in ourselves, in our qualities and therefore in what we know to do. Before we finish the article, we would like to talk about those dreams we often come to and we are called near the blackboard to solve a problem or to be questioned. These dreams can often be premonitors and signal the possibility of facing some difficulties in the next few days, weeks, months. If we can solve the problem or we can easily answer the questions of the professor then the difficulties will be overcome perhaps even with the help of someone if during the dream a person helps us and suggests the solution.


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