Exams in dreams are never trivial because they hide our fears and indecisions, even when you are dreaming of doing blood tests. Have you ever dreamed of not going through a competition, a test, an exam for a job? What does it mean to dream of being in a classroom with so many books and notebooks to be questioned by a very bad or very good teacher and teacher and trying to graduate? Why do you dream of having to resume a school exam that we passed many years ago? What does it mean to dream of having to face an exam, test, essay, test, test, question? Dreaming of refreshing maturity, graduation, college exams is really a very widespread dream especially among boys but not just among them because adults can do this kind of dreams. Have you ever dreamed of the outcome of a vote and judgment exam? And dream of taking a good vote? Many people dream of going back to school to study. What meaning and interpretation do you give to these dreams? What does it mean to dream of taking an exam? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace I have to play when I'm dreaming of having a question at school trying to win the lottery according to the dream book and dream guide? Many people have dreams of math, geometry, history, geography, computer science and chemistry classroom exams, quizzes and tasks. How many times did you dream of passing an exam, failing, being thrown away at a school exam at the university. Dreaming of taking a bad vote at an exam or taking 30 and praise or 110 and praising an exam can be a very positive dream. But what meaning does it hide? "The other night I dreamed of being with my mother, my father, my sister, and my brother in a classroom because I had to face a terrible exam. Last night I was with my boyfriend and my dear friend at school while doing an aptitude test. Last night I went to school with a work colleague because I had to do an Italian exam and math. Tonight I dreamed of supporting a very easy or very difficult exam with a relative but by my side I also saw a famous actor and singer". Take an important exam and be with your parents, a relative, son, husband, wife, uncle, grandparents, and even with the pope or a dead person for a long time. Let's see the meaning of these dreams.


Exams in dreams are never trivial because they hide our fears and indecision. Exam also indicates excessive anxiety. In order to understand this kind of dreams, it is necessary to apply the concept of real-life examination. Taking a school exam or working or even taking blood tests at the hospital means taking a test, that is to face a small or big challenge to discover our limits or to find out if we are prepared to deal with a particular path. So the exam is a test why you have to be prepared otherwise the success can be missed. In dreams, the exam takes on more or less the same meaning and therefore it means that we must overcome an obstacle, we must go ahead by overcoming a difficulty that can be very simple to overcome if we are ready or complex to overcome if we are not ready. So our life is going through a fundamental period in which we have to make a choice and go beyond a small or big obstacle. Certainly these obstacles can be small or large depending also on the age of the dreamer. For example, a boy who dreams of attending a school exam may indicate that he or she may have to do some real work in real life while a very old person might dream of being at school or at university to give an examination instead it may be a health problem that should not be underestimated. Never forget that in our dreams and our dream world, the colors, feelings we experience, the people we meet, the objects we see and the places we are in, are fundamental to understanding the exact meaning our subconscious wants communicate. But back to the exams, who knows how many times you dreamed of being in a school bench to do an Italian exam or math. Exam same test but also anxiety. Indeed, in real life, it is very difficult not to even experience a slight anxiety when we have to face an exam. The heart beats little or very strong, we can sweat and we can be nervous. So in our life a problem we can not underestimate, can cause much anxiety.

Fear and indecision in dreams are often represented by the examinations we make in places such as school, university, etc... These places are not trivial because these places are places of preparation for life. So we are facing a test that is preparing us for a new path of life and many people, when faced with a new path of life, feel feelings of indecision, malaise, and fear. We are afraid of what we still have to do, of what we do not know, and the examination of dreams just indicates our own emotions that are not absolutely negative but they must allow us to be awake to overcome obstacles. Whenever we take a look at a dream, even a blood test, the meaning is very clear: we have to pass a test, we have to face a test in our life without circumventing the obstacle. Excessive anxiety that we experience in real life for any reason that may be sentimental, work, economic or family can be another vent to vent our dreams and be represented by our school exams, school children, or boys. So, we first said how important it is to remember the people we meet in the dream and the places we are in. Places are fundamental to understanding the existential environment that creates anxiety. People then add other important details. For example, if we are doing a school exam and we have our parents at our side, then we need to overcome a relational problem, communication problems with parents. If at our side we have a husband, wife, boyfriend, lover then clearly our problem is related to the sentimental life in which one has to face a difficulty of understanding. This type of dream is very common and also quite easy to interpret when the dreamer is a boy who still attends school or university. The tension of examinations, classroom tasks, queries, do not find out in real life and manifest themselves in a dream like this.

Often dreaming of doing examinations means being afraid of being judged by other people even though we are convinced of being prepared in a certain field of our lives. Awareness of being ready to face a new road can be blocked by this kind of dreams we condemn, we are afraid, we take a bad vote or we are scolded by the professors, so maybe we open our eyes and we realize that we still have to improve in our skills. Dreaming of an exam, a question, a test, a test or a classroom job serves us all to better manage the stress we are accumulating in our lives following a test we must overcome. Most of the dreams we deal with are Italian, math, geography, Latin, English and all those subjects that we never liked. Passing an exam with a beautiful vote means that our ambitions will be fulfilled and we will be very happy to have reached a major goal in our lives, while a very low vote, a school drop, is not a failure but simply the need to engage much more get the results we hope for. Even when we dream of an exam, we can feel stuck, we can not write anything, the pen does not write because the ink is over and the bell sounds when we have not been able to finish the task or answer any questions. If we are answering a question, we can not talk or come late, we can not get into the place where we'll have to go to the exams. All this indicates, anxiety, stress, fear, tension that we have in real life and that without venting, manifest themselves in our dreams as examinations to overcome. We conclude the article saying that very often, when we dream of an examination and the vote is very low or we are rejected, in our life we??are clearly not ready to face a test, an obstacle, we are not ready to live a change that can instead be very negative. The teaching that dreams of this kind can give to the dreamer is very important and not to be overlooked.


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