What does it mean to dream of being on a boat, on a big ship or on a canoe with animals like dogs and cats and sinking? What meaning and interpretation give the dreams where we go down under the water and die? What does it mean to dream of seeing a cruise ship crashing and sinking under the sea and dying all the people aboard? Why do you often dream of drowning, drowning at sea, or in a large lake or river? Sometimes some people dream of falling into mud, sand, moving sands, swamps, dung, and so on, so they go down deep, drowning and dying. Dreaming of being underwater because we are sinking can be a really bad, terrible dream that can make us wake up with so much fear and with the heart that beats very hard. It has never happened to drown in the snow or the earth together with a friend, workman, a deceased person, a long dead person, or a relative such as an uncle, grandfather, grandmother, brother or sister or parents, mom and dad ? What does it mean to dream of sinking and drowning under the water of the sea? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace can be played when we make a dream in which we are sinking in order to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and the guide on dreams? Save, rescue, rescue, spit someone out of the water as he asks for help because he is sinking. These dreams can be widespread. "The other night I dreamed of being on a boat with a famous singer and actor but the boat was slowly sinking because water came in from a hole. Last night I was sailing on a ship I was driving, but I was risking sinking, killing with my husband, my children and relatives. This night I'm wrecked and sunk at the sea with my car. Last night I dreamed of running my motorcycle on a road full of water and at some point I was submerged by a giant wave that made me sink and no one could help me". To submerge, dive, to suffocate, to wreck someone in very deep water or to attempt to sink and drown a dear friend or foe inside a bath tub. Strange strange dreams that can really make you afraid but also this kind of dream hides important meanings that you do not underestimate absolutely. Today, we see understanding dreams in which we help someone who is sinking or those in which we ourselves risk sinking underwater.


Sinking in our dreams can really be a great nightmare because these dreams can be so real that we can feel the suffocation feeling, just feel the water that comes into our mouth and does not make us breathe. Especially when this kind of dream is recurrent, so we dream of sinking, drowning very often, then you have to be very careful because the dream really marks a danger in our lives. Clearly, the comparison with our lives and the problems that we are experiencing is very obvious. Dreaming of going underwater risking drowning, being immersed against our will by someone, is the symbol of difficulty in our lives. Very often we dream of being on a boat in the middle of the sea and it slowly goes down because it enters water. We try in every way to cling to not sink, maybe we reign very loud but we can not reach the shore and save us. What is the problem in our life? What problem can we not solve? It could be a major economic problem that creates difficulties and so many thoughts that overnight come out in our dreams or it could be a matter of sentimental or familial. Of course it is not easy to understand what a dream like this is, but as we always say, when we dream we should not forget about our awakening, the objects and people we have seen, the places we have visited and the feelings we have experienced. So suppose we have a sentimental problem in our lives and therefore our love story is going through a difficult period, maybe understanding and dialogue are missing and nobody wants to help the other person to remedy a complex situation. In dreams we can both be on a boat, on a boat and sink without being able to save ourselves and the person we love. If the person we love asks for help and we can save her then in real life we ??will be able to find a good solution to the emotional problem that afflicts us.

Sinking both under the water clearly indicates a serious love affair that can not be resolved at this time. If at our side there is a parent and we run, then our parents do not understand our world, we, children and young people, we do not feel involved and the situation can get worse. So never forget to remember the people you meet in your dreams because they can give you so many useful tips to interpret such a dream that can be very complex to interpret. Falling to the sea and getting help before drowning is a very positive sign because it means that someone in our lives can help us solve a problem. If we dream of being together with a work colleague then the problems to be resolved are clearly related to our working and professional life and thus malevolent, communication problems, little money entering our pockets. We can not solve these difficulties and let's get along with all the others who are with us on the ship. So if we run and nobody saves us, then we can not find good solutions to our problems, but if someone helps us, then in real life we ??can have a good help. And if in the dream we are trying to help a person or animal sinking? What could this dream mean? Probably someone we know needs our help and maybe we will help to help. If we succeed in saving him in a dream then in real life we ??can solve his problem, otherwise we can not do anything for him. Often, it also happens to dream of sinking deeply into the mud or inside the moving sands. This kind of dreams has a completely different meaning because it can signal the dreamer to be very careful because somebody might trap a trap. In mobile sands we fall down very slowly without doing anything, so in real life we ??could be a victim of a scam, a rage without being able to do anything.

A very ugly dream can also be one in which we risk sinking into the shit, in so much shit that we find in the street. A very strange dream and some psychologists identify it as a very positive dream that can give you so much luck and this is why, in our folk tradition, pounding crap is a good sign. Actually the crap is a scrap of the food we eat and so in dreams it can indicate that we did not digest a situation well and that maybe we still did not solve a problem. Sinking in the dung is therefore not a good dream because it often indicates problems that can come back and re-appear in our lives because we have not been able to solve them in the past. Often, the dreams we embark and pour into have a common element that is water that can be water of the sea, water of a river, a lake, a stream. In dream life, water represents life and that is why it is very easy to understand how to have difficulty in staying afloat, means that we have some problems in our lives to solve or we just feel overwhelmed by life and situations that we can not face it and therefore, maybe, we prefer to leave, we do not want to fight. This kind of dream is never trivial but wants to communicate something important and certainly, in most cases, identifies a serious problem in our existence. Before finishing the article we will want to talk about the kind of dreams we are leading a ship, a boat, a boat, a motorbike or a car that is likely to sink. These dreams indicate the need to better control our lives and to be protagonists of it because perhaps our actions also depend on future situations and other people especially if on the ship, boat, etc... other people are with us.


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