Kill someone in dreams. What meaning and interpretation do you give to the dreams of killing an unknown person or whom we know? What does it mean to dream of murder, massacre, murder, annihilate, choke, strangle, shoot, hang, decapitate, guillotine a man or a woman? What does it mean to dream of seeing someone killing another person and then dreaming of witnessing a murder? Killing in dreams can be a very common thing. Because we often dream of killing a man, a woman, a girl, a boyfriend, an animal, a beast, a devil, a monster, a saint or guardian angel, a dog, a mouse, an unknown person, a cat, we see decimating our family, suppressing a lethal injection with a tiger, a fox, a snake, a horse, exterminating insects with a spray? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace can I play if I am dreaming of killing a person to try a lottery win according to the book of dreams and driving on dreams? What does it mean to dream of killing a person? What does it mean to dream of being killed, killed by a shadow pursuing us? And dreaming they kill a person? To dream of seeing someone who is not known, attending to a kidnapping and killing a child can really be a terrible nightmare. "The other night I dreamed of being killed by a man I did not know very violently and with me my mother, my father, my sister and my brother were killed while my uncles and grandparents were able to save me. Last night I remember being chased by a very dangerous person who threatened me with death. Tonight I dreamed that my boyfriend was being beaten by many other boys. Last night I dreamed of murdering my own friend and colleague with my own hands. Why do you ever dream of killing a famous singer or actor using a gun or a knife? Why am I often dreamed of being chased by my parents or by my son, or by my husband or wife, who want to strangle me?" Dreams of this kind can really be a lot of fear but do not have to be afraid, rather you have to be able to draw a good lesson from these dreams that can be very scary and resemble horrible nightmares. Certainly, if we dream of killing a person, it does not mean that in real life we ??will kill someone, but certainly something does not go well and must be settled. Let's understand and understand this kind of dreams that is really widespread among people and we therefore see some messages that can be useful to the dreamer to have a proper interpretation and improve his life.


To understand the meaning of these nightmares we must always start from our real life and from what is happening in our daily lives. First of all, killing means taking life away to a person or an animal. No one has the right to kill an animal or a person. The act of killing is a really terrible gesture that can be punished hard by justice. Here we have to start from this concept when we dream of killing someone or when someone tries to take life away. These dreams often have a not trivial but absolutely important meaning. In fact, we need to compare the life that is brought into the dream of the freedom of action that we have in real life. Then assassinating a person can mean not giving a chance to someone or not allowing a certain situation to express themselves, to develop in our lives. So these dreams tell of a sense of constraint, of a sense of little freedom that can bring the dreamer to danger. To better understand this concept we have to make some examples. Suppose you have a communication problem with our boyfriend or our husband. The sentimental relationship is not sincere and our partner does not allow us to do some things like going out with friends or talking with some friends. This difficulty expressing oneself, this block in the sentimental relationship can be expressed in a dream with the will to kill our love partner or the fear of being killed by him. Clearly, these dreams mean murder in real life. So often when we dream a person in a dream then we are experiencing a rather complex, difficult relationship with a person who may appear in dreams or not. A child can dream of killing his mother or father or even his teacher because in everyday life he or she is under the severity of the parents or the teacher and can not do what he wants. This sense of compulsion, of impediment in interpersonal relationships becomes murder or attempted murder in dream life. Certainly, these nightmares can be beneficial because the energies we fail to express in real life are driven to the dream by avoiding further problems in relationships with other people. Do not forget, however, that all we dream about is fundamental. The objects we see, the places we visit, the people we meet and the feelings and emotions we experience. All these things help to give a fair interpretation to the dream.

So killing, strangling, stabbing a man or a woman in a dream and trying a lot of pleasure means looking for a sense of freedom that we can not find in our lives where we may be commanded by someone stronger than us. For example, if we dream of killing our boyfriend or our husband or even our lover, almost certainly in everyday life we ??are experiencing a complicated relationship that does not satisfy us and needs to be improved. Some dreams of this kind may also be premonitors and can signal the possibility of getting rid of a problem that we are experiencing. So maybe we're dreaming of killing our boyfriend and in real life we ??can improve our relationship with him or even we can close the love story that is no longer satisfying. So you can understand that some dreams of this kind can bring a very positive message of personal liberation. But what if we are killed by someone in the dream? Why a person, an animal, a shadow can chase us to kill us? Dreams of this type are widespread and hide many fears of the dreamer. Often the dreamer who suffers an aggression and can lead to his death, in his life is afraid of something and therefore can be afraid to make a choice, can actually be afraid of a person who is very aggressive and wants to have the dominance in an affective or working relationship or is experiencing a very difficult time when he does not know what he needs to do. These dreams have to be analyzed very well and perhaps with the help of a good psychologist or psychiatrist to understand what this fear is causing, this difficulty in everyday life. The child may dream of being killed because maybe in school he does not go very well and he just lives in school as a nightmare, as a place of severity, constraint, obligation. The boy or the adult man may be afraid of a sentimental relationship that has just begun and so it does not feel secure or working and professional life creates several problems that can not be found to be the right solution. Even several economic problems can result in an assassination. Even these dreams may seem so real that we can feel the pain of the wounds and understand that we are dying. Terrible dreams that make us wake up at night with such fear and need to be analyzed very carefully because they definitely hide a big problem, a difficulty that needs to be resolved very soon.

Sometimes these strange nightmares can hide false friends. How many times have you ever dreamed of being chased and murdered or tortured by a friend? Almost certainly this friend in real life hides us something, is not sincere with us, and our powerful subconscious understands and wants to alert us. And the animals? How many times have we dreamed of being chased by a monster, a beast, a terrible dog, or a wolf who wants to bite and kill? Animals in dreams have a very special meaning and we have often talked about them. The animal can represent our instincts, some sides of our character. For example, a dog that pursues us and wants to kill us can often mean a danger we face in real life, especially if the dog is of a very dark color, but its meaning can also be related to a serious problem of loyalty to ourselves or a person who is beside us. Loyalty is a gift recognized in dogs. That is, if a fox wants to kill us perhaps we have to fight against our cunning, cunning that is not positive at some point in our life. And the snakes? Snakes indicate envy and be bitten and killed by the snake of a snake means to be overwhelmed by a far smarter person than us but above all really so envious and jealous. But the snake could represent the envy and jealousy that we feel towards a person in real life, envy and jealousy, so they are not positive emotions. Slaying snakes is a good sign and means to be able to get rid of envious people and also eliminate a sense of envy that we are experiencing in some people. Sometimes it is also possible to dream of killing, strangling a child. Dreams that can make you really scared, but which are very useful to evolve positively in our earthly existence. The child in dreams often represents ourselves, that is, the dreamer, and the most childish aspect of our character. Perhaps the time has come to be more serious in our lives, to grow and to eliminate aspects that do not allow us to progress and evolve both internally and externally.


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