Angels in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Need of protection. What does it mean to dream of angels and demons in paradise, in purgatory or in hell? What are the names of the seven archangels? They are Michele, Gabriele, Raffaele, Uriel, Barachiel, Jeudiel, Sealtiel. Have you ever dreamed of being protected by an angel or an archangel? Why can we dream of seeing and speaking with the archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Barachiel, Jeudiel, Sealtiel? What does it mean to dream of your guardian angel, who flies in the sky above us, speaks, recites a prayer or sings? Why is it possible to dream of fighting against an evil, evil angel who punishes us but dies, wounded by ourselves? What does it mean to dream of an angel asking for help, whispering in our ear some strange word that we do not understand or that has its wings broken and can not fly? What does it mean to dream to see an angel who arrives on white and fluffy clouds or to see so many little angels guardians coming towards us surrounded by a very blinding light or being ourselves a wonderful flying angel? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do you have to play to try to win a little money if you dream of talking to a guardian angel with big white wings and full of divine light, according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? The angels are celestial creatures, heavenly spirits, divine messengers with a higher intelligence than the human being. Why can we dream of black, white, red angels, angels of death, flying in the sky, singing, shouting, wanting to talk, communicate, play with us? What meaning to give angels to children, to a choir of angels in heaven? Often we can dream of an angel without wings or with broken wings or wounds, an angel who suffers, cries and feels pain or laughs, smiles, is happy. At least once in our life we??have dreamed of an angel who embraces us, who kisses us, with a fiery sword, who kills us or hurts us, dressed in black. Praying an angel, dreaming of a golden angel, near you, in your bed or trying to call, contact an angel with prayer. We can even often dream of finding a statue of an angel on our dream path. "Last night I dreamed of seeing a deceased relative who had died for many years together with an angel who was by his side. Last night I remember seeing my mother, my father, my brother, my sister, my grandparents and some uncles who spoke with a guardian angel. This night I dreamed that I was in Heaven together with so many angels and I also saw so many dead relatives. The other night I dreamed of stuffing an angel who wanted to hurt me. I was very scared". The angels in our dreams are widespread and usually indicate a very important message that we try to analyze in this article.


The possible meanings of angels in dreams are: trust, desire for protection, reassurance, spiritual ascent, inner evolution, maturation, possible good news. Starting from these words and these concepts we can interpret many dreams in which the angels are present. First of all, the angel can signal a surprise, a joy, a good news that can reach the dreamer's life. We remember in fact the appearance in the dream of the archangel Gabriel to Our Lady, which heralded the birth of Jesus. Here is to see an angel coming towards us, with a beautiful smile and full of light, a light that does not blind our eyes, can mean the possibility of receiving good news, a news that maybe we do not wait for and that is a big surprise for us. A new joy, an unexpected family event or the chance to be reborn and start again after a terrible situation, after a difficult period we have lived in the past. Certainly this is not the only meaning of the symbolism of the angels, and in fact, often, they can represent a need for protection. In our life we??are facing a difficult moment and so we seek reassurance, protection, help and these great desires are expressed in dreams through the appearance of an angel flying in the sky, coming towards us, embracing us, kissing us, caressing us and He smiles. Very religious people can see in the angelic figure, their spiritual growth, then an inner evolution and maturation that brings them even closer to God. It also symbolizes trust because, perhaps, in our earthly existence, we are carrying forward some of our ideas. , some projects and the road we are facing is correct and allows us to reach our goals. But an angel in our dreams can also symbolize a very strong psychic, creative energy that can allow us to realize many ideas and thoughts that we did not think we possessed. So the angel is certainly also the symbol of the rediscovery of our potential, hidden, enclosed within us but that at a certain moment of life appear and want to come out. These dreams can also be scary because the angel, which therefore represents the consciousness of these forces, can appear ugly, frightening, can cry out and all this just because we have to understand our innate qualities hidden in the depths of our soul.

So the angel can represent rebirth, the discovery of new energies, of new qualities that undoubtedly can improve our lives in all the most important sectors of it. This religious figure is very important in our dreams, in our dream world especially when we want to get out of a bad period of our lives. If you have lost a very precious person, if you are suffering in love because the person you love has gone away, if you have serious financial or family problems, if you suffer from a strong loneliness, then you can dream of a beautiful angel with his presence or his word comforts you. A very important element of the angels in dreams is their light and also, their wings. Usually they have a great light and very white wings with which the flight stands out. Light represents the divine force within us but must be used in an appropriate manner. If this light is too intrusive, too blinding and we can not see the angel, then our inner energies risk damaging our earthly existence. In short, we can make mistakes even if we think we are going to take a right path. Observing in the eyes an angel with a wonderful light that does not blind our eyes, obviously means being able to use our energies to progress in our life. The angel often represents the upper part in our intellect, our part closer to our conscience and talking in a dream with a religious figure like this, means, precisely, being able to come into contact with this part of our consciousness that in the life of every day remains hidden. The angels are intermediaries of God, they are his servants, his slaves and therefore very often, people think that dreaming of an angel can mean coming into contact with dead people. In reality these dreams are very rare and very rare. We must not forget that the word angel dreams as a messenger and therefore, almost certainly, whenever one of them appears in our dream world, it can indicate news, the need to understand oneself and the deeper side of one's own character.

But in our dreams angels can also be hurt, lose blood having broken wings and then fall from the clouds, from the sky to the ground and suffer, cry, get hurt. We can see angels turning into demons or fighting the devil and losing the battle or we can dream of angels losing blood. Even many people dream of being attacked, killed or injured by an apparently approaching angel. To be afraid of an angel in a dream means to be afraid of our conscience, our qualities and our thoughts. Since the angel, however, indicates protection, trust, rebirth, fighting against an angel or being hit and injured by one of them, very often signals a continuous battle against his conscience, against the true essence of oneself. In short, we do not want to accept our character, we reject what we really are and therefore we struggle unnecessarily against a greater and more powerful force than us. Here an angel can take the form of a demon and have burning wings or a sword with which he can kill or hurt. Angels and demons represent the opposition, the contrarieties we are experiencing in our lives. We try to understand this meaning with a simple example. In our life we??love a person but we are not sure of being loved. The doubts, concerning our love life, assail us and we do not know what to do, what decision and road to take. We are undecided whether to leave the person we love or try to improve the relationship of love. Here in dreams we can see an angel that turns into a demon or we can see angels and demons that collide with each other and this to symbolize the uncertainties of our lives and in particular that sentimental. Dreams are never trivial and our subconscious always tries to make us understand the sector of our life where we need help. So never forget the people you meet, the objects you see and the places you are in. All these details help us to give a correct interpretation of the dream. We conclude this article by speaking of prayer to an angel. Clearly the prayer symbolizes a cry for help, the need for support because almost certainly we are not able to solve a problem that haunts our mind.


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